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New IoT Report on Service Bundling, Pricing and Billing Strategies Has Been Launched with Forecast Figure from 2018-2025

New IoT Service Bundling, Pricing, & Billing Strategies 2018 to 2025 Report Covers market forecast and top Companies like Aeris, Bluegiga, Broadcom, Digi International, Etisalat, Gemalto, Huawei, IBM, Rolls-Royce, Samsung Electronics.


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2018 -- IoT is the new disruptive technology that is transforming the entire business world enabling them to explore new channels of revenue, improve customer experience and optimise the operational cost through technological innovations.

From manufacturing to healthcare to agriculture - IoT is everywhere, creating a connected ecosystem to find data-driven solutions to the real world problems. IoT technology has already become a familiar term with more and more organisations across the industries adopting it as their core business model. Despite so much growth and attention, the IoT penetration is still below 1% out of all the possible scenarios where it can be implemented. Our study revealed that high initial cost is one of the major issues that is limiting the growth of IoT.

So, should we wait for the solution to be cheaper? This IoT Research provides critical analysis of current IoT charging and servicing models. This highly critical aspect of IoT service have been analysed across consumer, business/ industrial and civil markets.

Study suggests that service providers can intelligently charge the solution to create a win-win situation. Researchers have gone deep into decoding possibilities, gathering right advice and proposed charging models that can help service providers winning more customers.

Unique Attributes
1. IoT Charging and Payment Mechanisms
2. Innovative pricing strategies for IoT deployment
3. Proposed Pricing Models for IoT Service Providers
4. Unorthodox charging models to create fresh demand and propel revenues
Questions Answered by the Report
1. What are the current pricing strategies and what are their drawbacks?
2. How innovative pricing strategies can help in attracting multiple small industries/ companies?
3. What is an unorthodox charging model?

Companies Mentioned in the Report
Aeris, Bluegiga, Broadcom, Digi International, Etisalat, Gemalto, Huawei, IBM, Rolls-Royce, Samsung Electronics.

Target Audience:
IoT Players, Chip Manufacturers, Sensor Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers, Semiconductor Companies, IoT Platform Providers, IoT Device Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and OEM Technology Solution Providers, Research Organisations, Technology Standard Organisations, Forums, Alliances and Associations, Technology Investors, Governments, Financial Institutions, and Investment Communities, Analysts and Strategic Business Planners.

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