New iPhone App Sets Buy-Sell-Hold Ratings for 5000 Stocks


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Investors can enjoy a new FREE iPhone App ( that constantly monitors thousands of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds and gives Buy-Sell-Hold ratings for each stock and ETF. Ratings are updated hourly. Users can create their own portfolios and are notified when their stocks receive “Sell” ratings.

Available today, the recently updated Buy-Sell-Hold iPhone app is the best way for investors to manage continuing monitoring of their stocks from anywhere, anytime. This app via cloud based software and AI algorithms has been providing innovative monitoring solutions to stock market investors, while delivering efficiencies and reducing costs.

Due to the nature of our contract and subscription-based revenue model, we are forced to continue to innovate," says Eric Katsov, co-developer of Buy-Sell-Hold iPhone App. "That’s the beauty of portfolio monitoring outsourcing for stock market investors. They can tap into the sophisticated and powerful mathematical computer algorithms via this App”

In new Buy-Sell-Hold iPhone app, private investors & professionals can easily create a basic stock portfolio including ETFs. Users can search for stocks through 8 different industries: Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Hi-Tech, ETFs, IPOs, Services, Dow 30+. Users can also “virtually” trade their portfolio positions and receive a report on the success of their trading in percent and dollars. Investors can view charts, basic profile, and rating history for each of 5,000 stocks and ETFs listed inside the App.

"Our vision is to simplify stock market investing for the masses," says Alexander Voloshko, co-developer of Buy-Sell-Hold iPhone App. "We see full service mobile stock tracking and monitoring solutions as a step in that direction. Our Android app is already in the works and should be ready to go by July."

“The new App has a major social aspect as well,” points Voloshko. “Users can tap “like” button for any stock or ETF and other users would see that. Also if user actually adds some stock to his portfolio others would see that too.” Such approach provides “collective” intellect to pin point hot growth stocks almost in real time.

About Buy-Sell-Hold App
Buy-Sell-Hold app is available for free in the iTunes app store. It requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The portfolio created on the iPhone is 100% compatible with a portfolio in Buy-Sell-Hold App has been the only continuing stock monitoring iPhone App for stock market investors since 2010, offering a mobile stock tracking system for 5,000 stocks and ETFs.