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New iPick Jesus Guitar Picks Launched

NewEights has today announced the release of iPick Jesus Guitar Picks. The 12-Pack medium celluloid picks comes in an assortment of colors that promises to ignite one’s musical creativity.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- “The iPick Jesus Christian Guitar Picks are for anyone who plays the guitar. In addition, they make great presents for Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthdays,” says Kenneth, the product’s spokesperson.

“Oh, yes, when anyone ‘Pick’ Jesus… all things are possible!” adds the spokesperson.

So, where else can people use the iPick Jesus Guitar Picks?

According to Kenneth, the iPick were created for use in a variety of situations. Below are some ways to use the iPick Jesus Guitar Picks:

- As plectrum to Strum and Play Guitar
- Add to Guitar Picks Collection Album
- Put inside wallet as constant reminder
- Give it to friends
- Use as loom band bracelet charms or fashion jewelry charms
- Give it to strangers to share the Gospel
- As scrapbooking materials or handicraft materials
- Decorate house or office cubicle
- As gifts for wedding reception of Christian Couples.
- As door gifts for any religious events (e.g. Evangelistic workshops and seminars)

The iPick Jesus Guitar Picks, available exclusively on Amazon, targets an exclusive audience make up of Christians, worship teams, guitarists, guitar picks collectors, musicians, and church members.

Not surprisingly, the spokesperson says the picks can be utilized by handicraft makers to make, necklace, earrings etc.

“Notwithstanding its Christian niche, the iPick Jesus Guitar Picks set will make cool gift, Christmas gift, thanksgiving gift, use as a witnessing and evangelistic tool, can be used as Christmas tree ornaments, and can be made into a rainbow loom bracelet charm. The possibilities of its use are endless,” notes Kenneth.

Kenneth also believes the guitar picks can send positive message to Christian as well as non-believers, as encouragement, trust in the Lord more and a whole lot more, thereby proclaiming God’s truth and His providence.

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