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Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- gogo6 inc., the leading provider of IPv6 information and knowledge, today announced it has launched gogoTRAINING – a live, online IPv6 training program. Its instructors are handpicked from the best in the industry to teach courses to busy networking and IT professionals, covering just what is needed to get their IPv6 job done.

gogoTRAINING and the gogoNET community comprise the complete IPv6 learning environment. With over 100,000 registered members, gogoNET has proven to be an effective way for professionals to learn and share their IPv6 experience with their peers. Now students can formally learn IPv6 from instructors and informally learn IPv6 from the experiences, ideas and insights of other members. This combined knowledge upgrades their networking skills so they can make the right planning, trialing and deployment decisions on the job.

“Most networking and IT professionals know about IPv6 but don’t know IPv6. Why? Because they haven’t had the time to get in front of it. So when the inevitable IPv6 project hits their desk it usually means they need to learn a lot in a short time. Traditionally, this starts by scouring the Internet to string together bits and pieces of information and then traveling to attend an IPv6 course,” said Bruce Sinclair, gogo6 CEO. “The reality is, there are few people solely dedicated to IPv6. The responsibility for IPv6 usually falls upon someone who’s too busy already. The Internet will only take them so far and they don’t have the time to travel to a course. We created gogoTRAINING to teach IPv6 in a condensed timeframe.”

There are three types of gogoTRAINING courses:
- Theory courses, such as, “IPv6 Essentials.”
- Job-based courses, such as, “IPv6 for Network Engineers.”
- How-to courses, such as, “How to Create an IPv6 Address Plan.”

All courses consist of a class and workshop. First, students take the free one-hour webinar class for an overview of the subject. If they want to learn more about the subject, and like the style and approach of their instructor, then they can choose to buy the follow-on three- or six-hour workshop that takes place exactly one week later.

Before attending the online workshop students will receive study material to review and will leave the workshop with reference material and the instructor’s contact information to provide help, if needed, when applying their newly-learned knowledge to their jobs.

For more information, visit http://www.gogo6.com/IPv6-training

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gogo6 is the leading source of IPv6 information and knowledge and is dedicated to teaching IPv6. From its 100,000 member gogoNET community, to its IPv6 Show podcast and video series, to its annual gogoNET LIVE! technical conference and Freenet6 IPv6 service, their mission is to transition the world to the new Internet –- one person at a time. Visit http://gogo6.com.

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