New Isle of Wight News Service Launched you can keep updated at home or on the move


London, GB -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Today it has been announced that a new website has been set up to help serve residents of the Isle of Wight with up to date relevant news coverage from both the Island and from around the world too . Though the island has been home to both traditional and new media outlets for many years, this revelation marks the beginning of a new trend that could help to inspire many of the islanders to consume local news via curated digital services more frequently. An innovation welcomed by many of the people who call this Island their home and increasingly stay connected to their social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Isle Of Wight News covers topics that are broad and wide ranging such as news, weather, travel, holidays, business, culture and sports, as well as focusing entire sections to education, leisure and environmental events. This should be music to the ears of many residents providing a ‘one stop shop’ for all the latest news relating to the Isle Of Wight as well as another digital outlet for existing news publishers using digital media to further the reach of their content. Alongside this, there are many constantly updated arts and entertainment articles that are sure to keep all visitors updated with the latest information on all their favourite events such as the busy and popular musical calendar for which the Island has become so famous. The Isle of Wight Daily News focuses on the content regarding these events in both the run up, and after the event, as well as ‘buzzing’ with news during the event. From Bestival to the Isle Of Wight Festival we will have it covered!

Curated by local resident Dan Lawrence, who has a background in online marketing, SEO and professional social media campaigns, this new Isle of Wight news service is professionally put together, and automatically adds relevant articles from some of the most respected and authoritative news websites from the Island and the rest of the World. This ensures users only ever encounter stories that are directly significant to the Isle Of Wight. On top of this, also included are amateur news stories sourced from popular hashtags on Twitter like #IOW or #IsleofWight, which will add to the amount of content available from Islanders and visitors in addition to the official news outlets. This provides a unique mix of regulated and unregulated news and content.

All information sources are credited in the appropriate manner according to online best practices, which means users are able to follow the stories and find the original text without issue. This is obviously advantageous for a number of reasons, and helps to ensure all original authors receive the recognition they deserve for bringing their particular stories to public attention.

Things look promising for this news service which has already got of to a good start proving popular on social media channels. Predictions are that usage will double or even triple over the next couple of months as the Island gears up over Spring to its most popular period, the Summer months. If we have a Summer like last year it will be a glorious time to be on this beautiful Island, so now is the time to subscribe to it and follow its Social Media profiles to keep up with the latest news and planned events for the Spring, Summer and beyond. Please share with friends and family as well to help increase its popularity and their access to Isle Of Wight News via their preferred digital medium, from email to social media.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Dan Lawrence regarding anything associated to the Isle Of Wight News can do so via the website, or by using the contact information provided below. Mr Lawrence is always willing to hear from users with suggestions or comments on the service, as his goal is to grow and improve the site based on ideas and feedback provided by local people.

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