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New IT Report by Blog Presents Cost-Saving Office Wast Management Tips

A recent IT report by tech blog unveiled a host of cost-saving office waste management tips for businesses. The study was aimed at illustrating the ways in which businesses can keep track of their waste materials in order to better determine the most profitable mode of disposal.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Inventory should not only be for useful office equipment but also for old (waste) materials, according to a recent business study by technology blog Having a proper record of materials intended for disposal (such as old printers used for brochure printing, custom labels printing, flyer printing and other custom printing services) can help businesses properly categorize them and plan for the most profitable mode of disposal - either through auction or recycling. An old mug may actually fetch more at auction than when sold to the local recycler. Keeping records and doing a little research can show that there is more financial sense either mode of disposal, helping businesses earn more returns on old (waste) equipment.

The new report outlines ways in which businesses can effectively track their waste by keeping inventory. A simple database can be started for this purpose, with old items due for removal entered and categorized by type. Records should be taken of the quantities and condition of each of the items, and simple market research can be done to gauge the resell (auction and recycling) value of the item.

The mode of disposal that brings in the most return for the condition and quantity of the items under consideration will then be selected based on the information available (from the database) and local market research.

Having this type of data at hand can empower businesses to create significant savings from waste disposal at an unprecedented level when compared to random acts of disposal that include outright destruction or giveaway of old (waste) equipment and items.

"Businesses should keep an inventory not only of useful products but also of products deemed to be waste. These old phones, staplers and coffee machines have significant recycling or auction value, and a proper record of what they are and how much they are can help business decide on the most profitable mode of disposal for them," says a study collaborator.

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