New Italian Company Launches Indiegogo to Pick More Olives


Cepagatti, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Olives. A wonderful fruit and often comparable to grapes and wine when it comes to vintage and making oil. Harvesting olives is all about timing. Pick them when they are too green and unripe and they are full of Chlorophyll and can make oil taste bitter. Pick them when they are too black and beginning to fall off the tree after the Chlorophyll has left the fruit and it may be too late. Picking can be tedious as traditional methods include combing the ripe fruit from trees into nets, or even hand picking the fruit into baskets tied around the waist. Ladders are often used to climb higher into the trees to reach fruit not easy to comb. An Italian company hopes to change tradition and make it easier to harvest olives by launching an Indiegogo campaign to help them produce and manufacture Project Alpha, what they deem is a better way to harvest olives.

The company, Agro world by DI ZIO S.R.L., is led by young general manager Luca Di Zio, and has a mission of manufacturing and supplying to farmers an automatic tool capable of easily and efficiently harvesting olives for the production of Extra virgin olive oil. The tool, Alpha, consists of a double rake with pneumatically powered movement and is mounted on a telescopic pole that is lightweight and quiet. This will allow the a farmer to work safely while standing on the ground, eliminate the need for ladders or hazardous tree climbing while requiring less physical effort from the farmer reducing harvest time by up to 80%.

The company is excited and looking forward to offering angel investors in the project more than a thank you. Perks for gifts to this project include olive tree seeds, soap made from olive oil harvested in this fashion as well as Extra Virgin Olive Oil created by olives harvested with Alpha. They hope people will see the need of helping Olive farmers in Italy and around the world through their gift and for those that can't give, they hope they will share their story to make the campaign viral through social media.

For more information, visit PROJECT ALPHA -Making olive harvesting easier.

Company Name: agroworld by DI ZIO SRL
Company Address: VIA CANTO’, 34/a

Contact: LUCA
Title: MR.
Phone: + 393404907703