New IVF Treatment Discovery Will Increase Success Rates by IVF-SPAIN

Leading UK newspapers The Times and Daily Mail have this week both reported on a new IVF treatment breakthrough made by scientists.


Alicante, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2014 -- Leading UK newspapers The Times and Daily Mail have this week both reported on a new IVF treatment breakthrough made by scientists, who have managed to discover the chemical signal which predicts whether an embryo will be accepted by the womb or not. The chemical given off by promising embryos called Trypsin has been proved to be responsible for preparing the womb for implantation, which will help to show Doctors if the womb will reject an embryo when the chemical is not present.

With scientists discovering the chemical signal that can predict if an embryo will be accepted by the womb or not, they suggest that the discovery will dramatically improve on current success rates of IVF treatment, where less than 30 per cent of IVF cycles successfully result in the birth of a healthy baby, and Nick Macklon from the University of Southampton, and a Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology is reported as saying that about one third of the top quality embryos are currently being implanted, and that there really was a lot of room for improvement, but it would seem that scientists have finally broken through a very significant barrier to help improve IVF treatment success rates, as these new findings will go a long way in explaining why some women suffer miscarriages, and why other women fail to become pregnant.

Many couples seeking IVF treatment in the UK are beginning to become despondent as fertility treatment waiting lists become longer and longer, and one country that seems to have conquered that problem is Spain, with plenty of donors, less legislation, and much shorter waiting lists. In the UK there is without a doubt too much red tape, for example, UK legislation states that the number of embryos transferred is dependent upon female age and the IVF treatment undertaken, whereby in Spain, fertility clinics are able to offer much more flexible options to patients, but still within a legislated framework that is able to produce the best success rates throughout Europe..

One Spanish fertility treatment clinic, IVF-Spain, who are a national leader in IVF treatment, is located in Alicante, and well situated for any UK couples looking at the option of IVF or egg donation abroad or in Spain. The company philosophy states that they aim to make their patients feel as comfortable and self-confident as possible. Also, high quality standards and improving constantly through new technologies in reproductive medicine are their top priority, and the clinic's success rates are also one of the best throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.

In any country really the success rate of a fertility treatment has everything to do with the grade of professionalism and experience of the IVF medical team in the clinic, and IVF-Spain offers its patients an expert medical team who work with modern equipment, making the way for providing excellent and complete rapports about hormonal function and sperm quality. The tests carried out at IVF-Spain include genetic studies of gametes and specialized genetic advice, so if you are considering IVF treatment abroad, then consider Spain, visit IVF-Spain for a free consultation first.

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