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New Jersey Contract Research Organization Provides Superior Endotoxin and Rapid Sterility Testing


Fairfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2015 -- Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. provides the highest level of contract research services to a broad variety of industries including the medical device, pharmaceutical, pharmacological and chemical industries. Right now, the company has announced that they have openings to provide some of the highest quality endotoxin and rapid sterility testing available in the United States.

For over four decades, Gibraltar Labs has provided analytical chemistry and microbiological testing in their ISO 17025 certified laboratory. They also use the latest in bioburden detection technology to provide approved rapid sterility testing.

When bacterial cells perish and disintegrate, they can release parts of their cell wall known as endotoxins. These endotoxins are responsible for many different ailments, such as fever. When a product has been sterilized and all the bacteria killed, it's important to have professionals like those at Gibraltar Laboratories to provide consistent endotoxin testing to ensure that the product is still safe for human consumption. This is especially true with water for injection and other products that come in direct contact with our blood stream.

Bacteria exist all around the Earth, unless inside a 100% sterilized laboratory environment. Even after sterilization, products can gather bacteria, dust and other debris from the environment and move towards being unsterile. Rapid sterility testing from Gibraltar Labs quickly determines the level of sterility a product has attained and discerns whether or not that product is safe for distribution, sale and use.

For more information on chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and sterilization services from Gibraltar Labs, contact them today. Their 40,000 square foot facilities are located in Fairfield, New Jersey, and can be reached by phone at 877-315-5847. Additionally, Gibraltar Labs can be reached through a contact form available on their website.

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Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. is a scientific solutions provider using creative and innovative thinking to always deliver excellent services on time. Their services include Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Monitoring, Microbiology, Sterilization Services, Virology and Validations/Calibrations.

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