New Jersey Doctor Now Offers Hypnosis Treatments


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Hypnosis is not just for entertainment shows, it can be used to help heal the body and overcome struggles. Hypnosis treatments have been used to help people stop smoking, lose weight, avoid addicition, overcome fears, chronic anxiety and more. Now naturopathic (aka. natural health) doctor, Robert Galarowicz, is offering hypnosis treatments in his New Jersey clinic located in Paramus, Bergen County NJ.

Since hypnosis can be a very personal session, it is important to choose a trusted hypnotherapist, which is the medical term for hypnosis used therapeutically. Doctor Robert uses biofeedback, EFT, EMDR and Somatic Therapies to enhance the hypnotic state The Biofeedback technology used allows hypnosis treatments to be up to 35 percent more effective with brain wave and nervous system technology.

Doctor Robert is ranked as one of the top 12 hypnotherapist in North American due to his ability and integrity when it comes to hypnosis. He has been trained and certified by top experts in the field and has over 10 years experience. Because of this, many in the New Jersey and New York area choose Doctor Robert first and foremost for their hypnosis treatments to overcome issues and improve their quality of life.

Jennifer Neilson from Ringwood, New Jersey says, “I had success in the past with my bulimia working with a psychologist who did hypnosis. When I had a life change, I fell back into bulimia again. I don’t know what Doctor Robert did, but his hypnosis worked better than my past experiences.”

Hypnosis treatments by Doctor Robert hypnotherapist, can be used to help with problems such as to stop smoking, lose weight, avoid drugs, beat anxiety, avoid alcohol, avoid gambling and internet addictions, rid of eating disorders, impove self esteem, help with anger management, help with confidence, avoid nail biting and more.

Hosted in Paramus, New Jersey, he allows potential clients to talk to him beforehand since hypnosis might be unfamiliar to some. With hypnosis services from him, clients will benefit from a deeper understanding and greater insight to themselves.

No other hypnosis provider offers biofeedback, EFT, EMDR and somatic therapies to enhance outcomes and allow clients to feel more relaxed and more comfortable. When choosing Dr Robert as a hypnosis counselor (hypnotherapist), clients will know why so many rate him highly not only in the New Jersey and New York area, but also across North America.

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Robert Galarowicz has been consulting with people in the New Jersey and New York area for over 10 years. He has worked with a variety of people using hypnotherapy to help people improve their life and health … from helping people overcome phobias and anxiety to helping people eliminate pain and debilitating depression.

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