New Jersey DWI Lawyers: How to Discern a Good One from a Bad One


Trenton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- When a drunk driver in Trenton needs to hire DWI lawyers in New Jersey, if it’s their first arrest, they may not know how to choose them. Luckily, does know, and is here to share its knowledge, including:

- Personal References
- Be Honest
- Get Information on Attorneys
- Don’t Believe Everything One Reads

Ask Other DWI Offenders

After being arrested for DWI, the person who committed the crime is usually brought to a holding cell. While he’s there, he may as well ask around to other DWI reprobates to see if they've had to find a DWI lawyer in New Jersey. If they've had to, find out who they chose and why. Once a few names have been mentioned, set up meetings with them. Ask about fees and hourly rates, and inquire as to who else will be working the case and how they’ll be paid.

How to Choose effective DWI Lawyers in New Jersey

Tell the Truth

Even if one expends the effort to hire the best DWI lawyers in NJ, if he is not totally honest with them, they cannot provide the best defense possible. When it comes time to sit down and discuss his case, the wrongdoer must answer every question the lawyers ask as truthfully as he can, regardless if he looks bad. He’s already broken the law; he can’t look much worse. If he drank seven 12-ounce beers, he must tell them that. His part in his own defense is to tell the truth; the rest is up to the lawyers.

Know the Lawyer

If one is setting out to find a (DUI) New Jersey DWI lawyer, he must do some research on the ones who are available. Find out what organizations he belongs to currently. Such information shows leadership qualities. Discover if he’s ever held office in any organization because this reflects well on how his colleagues perceive him. Lastly, determine if he specializes in criminal DWI defense, as this shows consuming interest in the law pertinent to his client’s crime.

Inaccurate Rating Systems

Don’t believe everything printed in those “pay to play” rating systems. Because attorneys must pay for the privilege of appearing on the roster, these ratings boards are not accurate. If one wishes to hire the best DWI lawyers in NJ, he should not rely on the ratings, but rather on his own instinct. That is the finest way to choose an attorney.

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