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New Jersey Physical Therapy Clinic Targets Back Pain with DRX9000C Spinal Decompression System


Trenton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- A New Jersey physical therapy clinic is proving that back pain relief can be achieved without surgical procedures with its use of the cutting edge technology of the DRX 9000C system.

Spinal decompression is the newest non-surgical procedure in the physical therapy field that can help with back pain issues, says Carteret Comprehensive Medical Care. Neck pain NJ patients attending Carteret will have access to some of the latest procedures in pain management at the clinic’s facilities, including the DRX 9000C which is designed to relieve pressure that causes neck and lower back pain. This non-surgical procedure was developed for the treatment of pain and disabling neck and lower back conditions caused by disc herniations, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, stenosis and posterior facet syndrome.

The non-invasive treatments are tailored to create pain management NJ patient sessions that are between 20 and 45 minutes. During the treatment “the bones of the spine are slowly and methodically separated using the state of the art DRX 9000C spinal decompression system. While the vertebrae are separated, pressure is slowly reduced within the disc (intradiscal pressure) until a vacuum is formed. This vacuum pulls the gelatin center of the disc back inside, reducing the bulging disc or herniated disc,” Carteret Comprehensive Medical Care explains on its website.

Pain reduction is a vital step in the rehabilitation process. The DRX 9000C allows relief for those back pain NJ and sciatica pain NJ patients by taking pressure off the spinal nerves. The vacuum effect during the procedure also pulls necessary oxygen, fluid and nutrients into injured and degenerated discs allowing the healing to begin. During an average treatment, most patients can expect to experience a gentle stretch. After each treatment one of the clinic’s providers will continue the therapy with a cold pack on the area that was treated and sometimes even some electrical stimulation. They will also pair the DRX with therapy treatments to help loosen restrictions, improve posture and promote strengthening. Other therapy treatments may include chiropractic treatments, personalized programs, therapeutic massage, cold laser therapy, kinesio taping, home management programs and more.

About Carteret Comprehensive Medical Care
Carteret’s multi-disciplinary team of over 20 providers uses a customized approach to treat arm, leg, back, shoulder and neck pain with a variety of physical, chiropractic and medicinal treatments. They have offices in Carteret, Edison, and Monroe to serve their New Jersey patients. For more information, visit http://www.theccmc.com/