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New Jersey Teen Author Launches Two Compelling Debut Fiction Books.

Providing a chillingly exciting end to each day, author Jeremy Joseph Jack kicks off his ground-breaking literary career with the launch of two works of fiction.


Pennsville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- While at its heart a gripping story about the power of fate, Jeremy Joseph Jack’s debut novel also holds powerful currency as a weapon against bullying. As a teenager himself, Jack is garnering much attention due to his young age and fierce passion to carve a dent in literary history.

Officially launching ‘Wiccan Envy: The Tale of Kirk Burnswick’, his debut novel is poised to resonate with children and parents around the world.


“Wiccan Envy: The Tale of Kurk Burnswick” Tells of a teenager from the world’s most powerful Wiccan line. Life is utterly cruel for Kurk Burnswick. He is considered no more than an outcast by his peers and is always a subject of bullying. Every time he comes up with an idea, something terrible happens.

Kurk’s life completely changes when he witnesses the death of his parents at the hands of a monstrous creature. At first, he is overcome with extreme fear and pain. But when he realizes he is in a safe place and learns from his visions of the fate that awaits him, Kurk musters all his courage to pursue his fate for the sake of his parents.

He must first learn how to use his magical gifts and find the three others if he wants his quest to succeed.”

As the author explains, the book was not an overnight creation.

“I’ve been working on the idea for a book series my whole life. I may only be young, but the stories have already been through years of development,” says Jack.

Continuing, “My long-term goal is to make a career out of writing, so this book is only the start of a long line of releases.”

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Great little book, read it loved it and now I can’t wait for book two :)!!!!! <3 If it was up to me everyone would have to have this book,” said Florence Martin, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Jeremy, was equally as impressed. He said that, “This book is very moving, and definitly diserves a good audiance. I give great remarks towards it and hope that many will do the same as for hope many will read it.”

Jack has also recently released ‘Tuck Me in Terrors’, a book of short horror stories and poems.

With so much success on his hands, the author has recently announced that more books are in the works.

“The next books are being written as we speak. I can’t say too much about them, aside from the fact that they will certainly give young readers something to think about,” he concludes.

‘Wiccan Envy: The Tale of Kirk Burnswick’ is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble http://amzn.to/VTx0Vt

‘Tuck Me in Terrors’ is available from Blurb.com.

Both books can also be purchased directly from the author, autographed.

About Jeremy Joseph jack
My name is Jeremy Joseph Jack. My life has been of twist and twirls. Bullies… Kids who thought highly of themselves.., Even Doubtful and unsure of themselves, but who is not? I put up with the harsh treatment. I knew that I would flourish in my futer. I can only say sorry and that you can only make amends through the one and only God himself. Like mother monster/ Lady Gaga (one of my top inspirations.) says, “Capital H..I..M!” Love Yourself. You are my inspiration as am I will always be yours. My mother Karen Wilbank has also been there for me my whole life which has been so inspiring to me. My little Brother and Sister Paul and Keyara Jeffreys have been there at every step of the way telling me what is good and bad to write. And my grandmother and father have supported me through most of the writing process to. I just want to express true fantasies of mine to show that when I was at harsh treatment, that I made something of it and so can you.