New Job Seeker Tool Makes Life Simpler for Those Looking for Better Jobs


Aurora, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- People are looking for bigger, better, and higher paying jobs, and job seeking has certainly changed from years before. There's a new kid on the block, The Rapid Applicant.

From a first look , ALA Publications Rapid Applicant, might not seem all that different than job seeking information seen before. Opening it up, and beginning to reading, immediately connects to a new way of job seeking beyond resume tips.

“Job seeking is not like it used to be, it's not unrecognizable it's just a lot more fierce than it used to be. We can relate to both angles, employer and job we understand what is needed and what applicants need to deliver," says John Tamshion, a consultant with ALA Publications. " when we worked on the Rapid Applicant, we kept coming back to, needing something that was always present, we needed a system that conveyed to applicants your job seeking actions needed to be steady and rapid". The Rapid Applicant has been in circulation for a little less than three months, mostly accessed by a chosen group. The amazing thing is it's quite a simple system: An eBook, which is easy to follow, it's not slow , but rather presents new and daring ways to really be aggressive in job seeking. What may be the best yet, is the Job Applicant Membership, exclusive and giving job seekers a new BFF in getting a bigger, better, higher paying job.

The software application they provide, along with the eBook assists job seekers in writing employment letters within minutes. Similar to templates, but the content is focused on getting you in the door, and the full version even lets you upload any letter to your career website. You can try the Rapid Applicant tool and dowload the 1st Chapter by going to their parent website,

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