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New Kick Mats for Cars Earning High Ratings from Parents

Kick Mats by Kyodora Kids offer parents a solution to protect the backs of car seats from stains and scuffmarks caused by children.


Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2014 -- Kyodora Kids produced the Kick Mat as a means to protect car seats from the restless legs of little backseat drivers, and constructed a cover made from durable material capable of withstanding smudges, scratches and wear. The covers not only prevent damage, but also protect from greater threats like food and beverage spills, pet hair, and other common hazards that would compromise a car seat’s appearance.

Kick Mats are made to be mobile and can be easily installed and detached to and from any car seat, with a one-size-fits-all design. Because of the adjustable straps, ideal for custom fitting any seat, children cannot kick the covers off, ensuring a safe and clean ride home.

Reviews for Kick Mats have been stellar as evidenced on their Amazon store page. A customer by the name of Azalea Wong exclaimed the product was a “no brainer to install.” Azalea wrote, “[I] can't stop the kids from kicking the front seat all the time but when they do, at least I won't have to worry about the damage to the car seat and our finances. Would highly recommend this product.”

User Fred gave the product five stars stating, “I have a pair of rowdy kids who dirtied and damaged our car seats. With the new car, we decided to take some pre-emptive action and install some car seat protectors. These kick mats are great!”

Parents who don’t have the time to clean their car interior after every drive, but who frequently ride with young backseat passengers, will certainly see the advantage of preparing for a less stressful ride.

For more information, visit Kyodora Kids’ official website or their Amazon store for a direct order.

About Kyodora Kids
Kyodora Kids mission is to create travel products for the family that are of exceptional quality, and that bring the look of luxury back to family road trips. In the future, the company plans to release more affordable little luxuries that are kid-proof and parent-approved.

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