New Kindle Book Targets Hardworking Moms That Want to Run Their Own Internet Business from Home While Caring for Their Kids


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- Owning a business is easier now than ever before, and making significant income off of it is more likely than ever before. An new eBook “Mommies Making Money Online” is the latest and greatest resource that aims to help Moms run an internet based business from home, or start earning some extra cash on the side.

This new book helps Moms make an online career work by offering start-up business steps and advice as well as anecdotal stories to help them see that they are not alone in their struggles and dreams of staying home with the kids. This inspirational addition is just the first sign of how much the authors put into their work.

Lorna and Nick Marquet are passionate about their topic. “I understood that to empower Moms to connect to the global economy and take as little or as much as they wanted to achieve their dreams and take control of their families future was not only a right but a necessity.” It is this kind of enthusiasm that fuels the entire publication.

Fundamentals covered in this book include deciding on an industry, picking a niche, and accessing the right products that people actually want to buy. The book also includes steps for building a quick and easy website and how to take advantage of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more). It also has a wealth of helpful links and suggested reading at the end of each chapter.

Most importantly, this edition explains out seven basic pillars that are essential in having ones own internet business. These include Intention (driving force, dreams and goals), Niche (selecting which area one will focus time on), Products (what to sell), Customers (attraction, engagement, and sales), Tools and Services (having others build what one wants), Optimization (making what one has even better), and Innovation (continuing to advance into the future). These seven steps are easy to remember and refer back to along the business journey, making them essential to success.

Using the tools and wisdom of this book will allow Mothers to stay home and enjoy their kids while they are young. The text is 164 pages, published by Marquet Publishing (September 23, 2014) and sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Written by Lorna and Nick Marquet, and edited by Rebecca Barry-Hill.

About is dedicated to helping mothers succeed in launching internet businesses or establishing online careers while taking care of their children. It provides useful resources such as a tool to create an action plan, links to helpful websites and ideas for using social media for parents of young children to help them establish a durable source of income by freelancing or operating a business using the internet.

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