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New Kindle Release for Kids 'Bear Dog Dog Bear' Mixes Puppies with Wild Animals

The Wood family of suburban Cherry Park thinks it has adopted a German Shepherd puppy in Tracy Falbe's new children's chapter book, but they really bring home a bear cub.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Novelist Tracy Falbe enters the world of children’s literature with the May 8th release of Bear Dog Dog Bear in the Amazon Kindle store. Meant for middle grade children, this 12,000-word chapter book puts 10-year-old Daniel Wood in the middle of a pet adventure he never expected.

When his family adopts a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder in a log cabin in the woods, they have no idea what a fantastic mix up has occurred. They drive home with a bear cub instead, and the real German Shepherd puppy is loose in the woods with bears.

Two things inspired Falbe, who is the author of nine fantasy novels for older teens and adults, to write a children’s book. First her own young sons begged her to write something for them, and, secondly, she has an all-black German Shepherd that she always joked was actually a bear.

In Bear Dog Dog Bear she presents a family that actually has a bear cub in their house. For a while they are in denial that their new pet Ursa might be something other than a dog because they love her so much. As for the mother bear, she is despondent about the loss of her daughter but also consoled by the lost puppy that she has adopted.

However, Candace the puppy is not a good fit for a bear family because she wants to play with people and chase cows.

Packed with details kids will love like clueless adults and animals destroying rolls of toilet paper, Bear Dog Dog Bear presents a cheerful story full of fantasy and familiar modern elements like smart phones and YouTube videos.

“Although the story is fun and happy, it still has a message about giving wild animals their place to live and how much love pets add to family life,” Falbe said.

Parents seeking middle grade fiction with a boy hero and pets can find Bear Dog Dog Bear in the Kindle stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The children’s ebook is also available worldwide at Falbe Publishing in multiple formats.