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New LA County Rule 5.26 Concerning Collaborative Family Law Process


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2018 -- "Collaborative process has earned its place at the table with other methods of dispute resolution and is here for the foreseeable future. Counsel and the public at large become familiar with all methods of dispute resolution before making a decision on how to proceed. Local 5.26 defines and expands how the collaborative process would operate." said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis.

Judge Lewis is Supervising Judge for all Family Law Courts in Los Angeles County and is supportive of the collaborative process. "Effective July 1, 2018, Amended Rule 5.26 will be implemented throughout the County of LA. Thanks to the hard work of the LA County Bar Association, Family Law Executive Committee and the Board of LACFLA, this new rule is a reality," said Judge Lewis.

Joe Spirito, Chair Family Law Section Los Angeles County Bar Association weighed in: "It is such a privilege to be part of the establishment of the most comprehensive collaborative law local rule in the State of California. Already, several collaborative leaders throughout the State are looking to adopt this pioneering rule. With the cooperation of a Supervising Family Law Judge as forward thinking as Judge Lewis, we are optimistic other Counties will follow LA's lead."

"The expanded rule creates a higher level of definition for collaborative cases which will benefit parties, attorneys and other professionals who participate in the collaborative process. It will also assist the court by creating structure and uniformity regarding collaborative cases. This definition, structure and uniformity was much needed and we hope that our rule will serve as a model for other counties throughout the State of California," said Jeffery S. Jacobson.

According to Leon F Bennett, President of LACFLA (Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association) who is credited with bridging the gap between bench and bar regarding the Collaborative Process in Los Angeles, "For in excess of the past 10 years, the collaborative law community has worked hard to gain recognition as a viable process in which people can resolve domestic disputes without the emotional and financial cost of litigation," said Mr. Bennett. "Courts have recognized the collaborative community's hard work and the benefits of the collaborative process in family law matters."

Collaborative Family Law is an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce. Each party has their own attorney, a neutral financial to assist with understanding and analyzing financial issues, and a mental health professional to assist with co-parenting issues, clarification of needs and wants, stress management and effective communication and decision making. The Collaborative Law Process is a respectful way to obtain a divorce which fosters the families restructuring in a manner so as to preserve relationships and things the family built together, especially where children are involved. The process is private, confidential, non-adversarial and frequently far less expensive both financially and emotionally.

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