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New LANAP Gum Disease Treatment in Manhattan, NY from ADA NYC

Laser Gum Surgery Utilizing the LANAP Protocol is Effective and a Preferred Treatment Method by Periodontists and Patients


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Led by Dr. Todd Bertman, Advanced Dental Arts NYC with locations in Greenwich Village and Midtown East, New York is particularly focused this month on reminding patients of the dire need for exceptional dental hygiene and the treatment solutions for those with previously poor dental hygiene habits. In addition to brushing teeth twice a day and flossing, professional dental checkups scheduled twice yearly are necessary for preventing and treating gum disease.

“Every day we see patients experiencing signs of gum disease. Many have no idea that their swollen, tender or bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth are symptoms of this widespread problem,” says Dr. Todd Bertman. “Most important to our team is to help patients understand that gum disease left untreated increases the risk for a multitude of other health complications.” Research continues to build in support of the fact that persistent gum disease can intensify the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Thanks to a specialized laser called the PerioLase® MVP-7™, the LANAP® treatment protocol is making it easier and less intimidating for patients to stop the spread and devastating effects of gum disease. Traditional treatments involve the cutting and suturing of gum tissue resulting in more discomfort, bleeding, downtime and treatment visits. LANAP® has an exceptional advantage over traditional gum surgery in that it selectively targets and destroys diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue untouched. Patients are able to return to normal activities following the procedure and usually need only two one-hour dental appointments to effectively take care of the problem.

Manhattan, New York area patients experiencing any of the above-described gum disease symptoms are urged to schedule a consultation at either of their two state of the art locations in Greenwich Village or Midtown East. Visit them online at or call the Greenwich Village location at 646.400.0839 or Midtown East at 646.400.0730. Established in 2007, Dr. Todd Bertman and his team including Periodontist Dr. Jeremy Nehleber are committed to improving oral health and stopping the rapid development of periodontal disease. Advanced Dental Arts NYC specializes in periodontics, endodontic and pediatric dentistry.