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New Lawyers and Solo Practitioners Can Develop Clients Through Southland Law


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- A growing trend in the legal profession is the outsourcing of attorney support service work to Southland Law. Also known as legal process outsourcing, legal outsourcing has enabled law firms to increase profit margins while decreasing the costs to clients. Southland Law based in San Diego, California, specializes in increasing lawyers practice by marketing legal services and drafting documents for those self-marketed cases. We increase productivity by providing one-stop-solutions for practitioners. “Our mission is to provide quality legal assistance to practitioners and their clients,” says Jesse Anthony Wagner, Litigation Coordinator to Southland Law.

Outsourcing to Southland is a Source of New Clients

New Lawyers frequently outsource a variety of legal work to Southland, while Southland brings the clients to the new lawyer. Frequently, prospective clients call Southland for a variety of services, believing they will save money by retaining a paralegal service. During the initial intake, case facts are obtained. Based on the case type and attorney availability, the client consults with the contracted attorney who directs Southland to draft documents, conduct investigation, and serve documents.

Areas of Practice

In San Diego, family law and criminal defense lawyers utilize the services of Southland Law to prepare the forms required to process their cases. Civil litigators outsource records review and discovery and investigation, while personal injury firms in class action lawsuits outsource the collection of data, the classification of claims, sending notices, and distribution of client payments. An emerging trend has been toward eviction law says Wagner. When we talk about profits, we try to set several eviction trials for the same date so counsel can appear for all the matters in one half-day session.

“How it works, is, a homeowner or association will contact Southland Law for eviction assistance.” Wagner says. A Litigation Coordinator/Paralegal will gather the required documents; email the documents to counsel and schedule a telephone visit between counsel and the client. Counsel will give us the go ahead and we draft the documents and then have our process server serve the documents the same day. Counsel is paid $100.00 for the consultation. If the case goes to trial, counsel is paid $350 for the appearance. In most cases, we can have multiple trials set for the same day, each taking about 10 minutes.

In addition to outsourcing repetitive or labor-intensive tasks, some firms outsource case critical tasks such as private investigation and process service to Southland. This type of work typically involves a person with special licensure and skills necessary to anticipate case needs and goals.

Practitioners interested in exploring opportunities should contact Jesse Wagner, Litigation Coordinator to Southland Law at

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