Alpha Omega Coaching

New Life and Business Coaching Company Seeks to Change the Economy


Ponte Vedra, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Alpha Omega Coaching is a new company that is arising that seeks to have a huge impact on the economy. They believe that through accurate business development coaching a lot of small businesses can be successful therefore causing more jobs and a decrease in the unemployment rate. This company will have a major impact on society. They are seeking funding to facilitate in their endeavor to assist people in achieving their dreams.

Alpha Omega is currently seeking funding for their start-up phase and they are informing the public of their company launch. They want to become a company for the people, by the people, that assists people in life and business development.

Christopher Daragjati, the Founder of Alpha Omega Coaching says, "Let’s face it, the world has sped up so fast and with all of the responsibilities that you have, it’s hard to juggle everything that comes at you each day. Then at the end of the day, you’re exhausted and you flop down onto your bed to discover that you are no further ahead than when you started. Well our mission is to get you moving in the right direction where you start to understand who you really are, what you’re all about, and what you truly want in life."

Alpha Omega Coaching has two sides the business coaching side and the life coaching side. Christopher Daragjati has been privately coaching people for the past eight years and is now looking to take his very valuable advice to the general public.

About Alpha Omega Coaching
Alpha Omega Coaching is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest. They will work within their "14 Points of Culture" to make sure that everyone who touches, or is touched by the Alpha Omega team, will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be or achieve the goals they want to achieve.

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