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New Lincoln SEO Services Company Offers Explosive Growth Opportunities to Businesses in Lincolnshire and Across the UK


Lincolnshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2012 -- Yesterday, the internet was the next big thing. Businesses everywhere were thrilled at the prospect of taking their enterprises from an office, or a shopfront and being able to deliver their skills and expertise to a worldwide audience. But that was yesterday. Today, the internet is the only thing. Savvy business owners everywhere are either riding the wave of digital demand as customers flock to their websites or watching their livelihood wither on the vine while they wonder what they did wrong.

If it were up to new Lincoln-based SEO services company Boomified, the latter would be a very rare situation indeed. The key, they tell us, is investment in the area of search engine optimisation. “Correct Search Engine Optimisation can make the difference between your website sinking or swimming online”, Boomified.com confirms. Specialising in Lincoln SEO, Boomified wants businesses across the region to sit up and take notice of this new, effective marketing technique. Based in the prestigious Sparkhouse Studios at the University of Lincoln, Boomified.com is quickly establishing itself as the firm of choice for those seeking SEO Lincolnshire. But what is SEO? Why is it so important?

Many businesses will know the pain of paying top money to have their website designed by a creative professional. For a long while, this was key to standing out in the online space. Most customers would locate a site from materials the business themselves would put out into the market; business cards, brochures and shop signage for example. This was an exciting time for businesses stretching their wings into the online marketplace and in many industries simply having a website was a key differentiating factor. But having a new website without optimisation is like building a gorgeous house in the middle of no-where, without roads to allow people to visit.

That’s because over recent years, things have changed dramatically. Recent data proves that the clear majority of internet users seek all their information through search engines, the most popular of which is Google. Rather than approach a website by typing its unique web address into their browser window, people everywhere are searching the internet for products and services via key words and phrases related to their query. And if a website doesn’t optimise it’s marketing in line with those particular words and phrases? It might as well not exist at all. While those searching on Google may find hundreds of pages of responses to a search, if a website isn’t in the first handful of search results its visitors drop, dramatically.

Luckily, while SEO is a complicated proposition, Boomfied.com is there to make the whole process effortless. Research to find out what words and phrases customers are searching for, complete optimisation packages to ensure a website is front and centre in search engine rankings and the best website design Lincoln has to offer, local businesses can now rest easy as an expert team tends to all their digital marketing needs. Businesses looking forward to an explosion of new clients now have an aptly-named firm to turn to.

About Boomified
Boomified.com was established to give businesses access to digital marketing and SEO expertise. Primarily servicing the Lincoln and Lincolnshire areas, the team at Boomified.com are motivated in their mission to grow their clients businesses via expert application of advanced SEO, online marketing and digital design techniques. Happy to work with brand new websites or established websites who find themselves lost in the clutter of the online space, Boomified is providing entrepreneurs everywhere with an effective new marketing weapon to add to their arsenal. For more information, visit http://www.boomified.com and take your online presence to the next level.