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New, Living Alchemical Language Born Within the Pages of Sensational New Book Trilogy: The Sacred Quest: An Epic Story of Myth, Magic and Destiny


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Exciting, new, internationally acclaimed British author, A.K. Luthienne bursts onto the literary scene with sensational epic story of myth, magic and reclaimed destiny: The Sacred Quest.

Born within its pages is a new living language of high alchemy.

Hundreds of millions have entered the story worlds created by highly acclaimed and well-loved British authors J.K. Rowling and J.J.R Tolkien as they journeyed into The Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth and the magical world of Harry Potter. At the heart of both worlds is a language central to the theme and destiny of the story itself.

Now, Luthienne bursts onto the literary scene unleashing a mysterious world of alchemy through The Sacred Quest. At the heart of the story world is a language created and spoken by the author, one hailed by an acclaimed linguist, fluent in over 120 languages, as a new living language.

When asked how he would compare this to languages created and used in the story worlds of well-loved British authors J.R.R Tolkien and J.K. Rowling, this is what he had to say:

“Unlike other epic stories where a story world has been created by the author to place the new language within, this language is a living language which travels through the story from the fantastical world to the ordinary world. It is a legitimate new living language.”

“A.K. Luthienne has created and speaks a language which is exceptionally rare. Very few people have ever been able to speak something like this. It is not produced from the logical language centre of the brain but bypasses all normal brain function: essentially from the intuitive, non-dualistic pure field of the cellular mind,” he continues.

“The language is one of high alchemy on three levels: a first level everyday dialogue, a second level tracking the meanings for individual concepts within the words and a third mystical meaning based upon the frequencies of sound, direction and structure for each word,”

“I just began speaking this language seven years ago with no idea where it was coming from,” says Luthienne. “I was shocked when told by the linguist that I had created and was speaking a new living language.”

The Sacred Quest Trilogy consists of 3 books: The Quest Begins, Flight of the Eagle and Return of the Magus.

Trilogy synopsis

This mythic, sci-fi, fantasy takes us on an epic journey of magic. An unhappily married woman stumbles upon a dark secret in an ancient castle that unleashes her mystical lover and her deadliest enemy. This propels her onto a thrilling quest to fulfill her destiny, following a mysterious trail of clues left across the ages. Through a strange language, ceremonial magic and age-old mythologies, our two heroes must break free of a tyrannical enslaving system to reunite across time and space and finish what they once began. In this spectacular, timeless love story, two alchemists must unlock the magic behind creation to reclaim their destiny and change the fate of the world.

The remarkable story behind the story.

Many will read the story but how many will understand the inspirational, courageous journey of the woman who wrote it?

“I knew it was my destiny to write this unusual story the instant it appeared to me at the same time as an unusual language seven years ago, late one night in a moment of deep despair,” says Luthienne.

“The story began to unfold along with the intriguing alchemy at the heart of it, leading me on a remarkable, rollercoaster seven year journey as if decoding a mysterious tale that the story itself was trying to show me. I have had to face and transform my own extreme fear to be able to finally write it.”

For more of her remarkable story visit www.akluthienne.com/index.php/about/ak-luthienne

Early reviews for the trilogy have been outstanding:

“I’m thinking of some of the really great, memorable books that I’ve read: everything from Murakami to Harry Potter to classics like The Alchemist. Well, this is one of those stories. Really something special and totally unique,” says P. Gerrard.

“What a breathtaking and extraordinary journey this trilogy takes you on, touching and activating ones soul at every turn of a page. It’s a life-changing read for all,” says D. Ama Day, CEO Positive TV.

“Truly breathtaking and mesmerizing, this supremely singular work just oozes originality. Profoundly moving, I would certainly single this out as something uniquely exceptional,” says L. Fountain, UK.

‘These are the kind of books one only dreams about. I would suggest this story for everyone to read and watch their dreams unfold,” says M. A. Moses, USA.

India’s The Sunday Guardian says this of A. K. Luthienne’s writing, “Fast-paced with a remarkable storyline that encourages us to follow our heart and destiny, it is a must read.”

More reviews at http://www.goodreads.com

The Sacred Quest Trilogy is available now as books and e-books through Amazon and all major retailers worldwide.

For more information on all visit http://www.akluthienne.com

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About the Author: A.K. Luthienne
A.K. Luthienne is an internationally acclaimed author, philosopher and alchemist. Based upon her own mysterious and incredible life experiences, she believes that we are each inherently an alchemist. She writes her unique, epic novels to open people to dare to reclaim their destiny.

She has appeared on television and radio across the globe, addressed large audiences from Australia to Antarctica, run week-long intensive programs exploring personal alchemy throughout Europe and immersed herself in the company of archeologists, linguists, mythologists, neuro-scientists, historians and scientists as she has decoded thousands of years of unsolved mythology and history as part of the epic stories she writes.

With a strong knowledge of screenwriting, her books are a spectacular cinematic experience and have had a life enhancing impact on thousands of people around the world.

Contact: To request books for review, author interviews and appearances or further information please contact Press@akluthienne.com , Published by Ether Earth Publishing.