New .LOVE TLD Tops 10,000 Domain Sales Due to Strong Sales in China

All You Need Is .LOVE


Saskatoon, SK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- The new .LOVETLD[Top Level Domain] has successfully launched on the Internet (more details available at and is rapidly selling web domain names to couples,individuals, and businesses.

"We are delighted with the growth of our .LOVE web domain sales, especially in the past two weeks. Beginning with the Qixi Festival on August 20 (Double Sevens on the Chinese calendar), .LOVE has seen phenomenal growth and has increased its overall number of domains by over 30% in the past two weeks." said Evatt Merchant, CEO of .LOVE websites.

"One of the events that made a big difference in public awareness for .LOVE is the Qixi Festival (sometimes known as the Qiqiao Festival in Asia). Our daily registration rate has grown substantially since the Qixi Festival due to the great support we have received from domain registrars and consumers in China."

.LOVE has sold over 3,000 domain registrations since Qixi, making it one of the top selling new TLDs in China since it publicly launching in mid-July, confirming both .LOVE's strong marketability and registrants' acceptance of a US$20 wholesale price.

"Without a doubt, .LOVE is a next-generation internet suffix that is short, easy-to-remember, ultra-positive -- and transcends all language barriers, which is proven by .LOVE's popularity in the Chinese market. Over 60% of .LOVE domain sales have been made in the Chinese marketplace.On September 8, the .LOVE TLD surpassed 10,000 domain sales which is an important milestone in .LOVE's success."

".LOVE is a versatile TLD that appeals to numerous highly competitive online markets including online dating, weddings, romance, literature, jewelry, along with generic interests and passions. A .LOVE web domain name provides businesses with an opportunity to build a unique online presence, differentiate themselves, and increase their competitive advantage – and in the result, .LOVE is experiencing good success with premium domain sales as well."

Additionally, many domain registrants are purchasing domain names for use as wedding or engagement websites(see for example or

From Gandhi to the Beatles, one enduring message applies (which is used as the .LOVE slogan): All You Need Is .LOVE.

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