New Love Track "Broken Heart (Unfaithful)" Explores an Aspect of Love Often Ignored


Gold Coast, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- Artists, musicians and producers are living in a time that is exciting and full of opportunities to create, network and get the music out there. On the other hand our day and age is also extraordinarily full of contradictions and weirdness, starting from the pure and simple truth that anyone could simply get any music production software and start creating masterpieces immediately, from the comfort of a living room, a garage or a bedroom.

Some people refer to these dynamics as a resut of music technology becoming somewhat “democratized”, and in a sense, this is absolutely true. No more bulks of studio racks, and anybody can fully express themselves. This leads to so many artists who now enjoy the chance to produce their art freely (relatively) and express their personality and talent as they see fit. This is wonderful, but like any other big change or revolution, it has its own cons, like we mentioned before. More recordings do not necessarily mean better standards, more care, more passion. The sad and ugly reality is that, In most instances, there are way to many irrelevant performers out there. So many copycats, tons of unoriginal material flooding mailboxes and desks of record labels executives and music journalist.

Luckily, every once in a while, A true jewel rises to the top of the pile, and find its well deserved place under the spotlight.

Sarah N and Steve A Christian managed to create one of these jewels: this their own track, Broken Heart (Unfaithful).

The song is an emotional and in-depth take on an aspect of love that is often ignored in the world of music.

So many singers sing about love and loss, but very few have what it takes to sing about commitment, promises and vows. This sound deals with that aspect of love, because relationships that truly matter are actually the ones that require nurturing, respect and attention on both sides. The song can be streamed above in full at

Broken Heart (Unfaithful) is a very direct tune, whose lyrics and content play a very important role. It’s all about the message. Singer Sarah N set out to record a charismatic, instinctive and passionate vocal performer, to some really great lyrics, courtesy of Steve A Christian. Everything is accompained by a jazz guitar with a clean and warm vibe and some funky / blues accents to spice things up! Enjoy it on youtube!

For more information please contact Steve A. Christian on or visit

About Sarah N and Steve A Christian
Sarah N is an artist from Moldovia and Steve Christian, a song writer with over 300 songs on You tube is based in the Gold Coast region of Australia. He also has a New York play called STEVEADOCUMUSICAL based on his songwriting by his friend Colin Summers featuring ten of his songs. Both Sarah and Steve are collaborating through fiver and are famous for their Gospel tracks. More information about Steve A Christian and his friends can be found on reverbnation