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New Magento Integration Possibilities with API2Cart

API2Cart provides Magento integration and enables merchants to manipulate with different data in no time. From now, a lot of new API methods were added and improved.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- For now on, API2Cart provides new features and improvements during Magento API integration. There is a possibility to add product’s option, variant, image, tax, manufacturer and currency to Magento store easily.

Magento has become a part of e-Commerce world almost 6 years ago and has gained a tremendous popularity among entire digital community. So, online service providers who strive to stay in the picture, have to knuckle down to Magento integration seriously. Connection with this solution will bring advantages that are worth mentioning. 250 000 of Magento e-store owners will automatically transform into potential clients for the online service providers. As well as vendors will capitalize on the data interaction, getting an opportunity to retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all needed data and integrating it with different business soft.

Integration with Magento is a key that allows to get online store owners’ attention to various online service providers. However, this process doesn’t contribute to a seamless job and requires strong technical experience and expertise. Therefore, finding simple and effective solution will help to overcome this obstacle.

API2Cart as a Key to Empower e-Commerce

API2Cart is an online service that performs integration with 30+ shopping carts simultaneously. Offering a single API to access various platforms, service enables data interaction with Magento and other industry leaders like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.

API2Cart enables to retrieve, add, update and sync various data, including products, customers, orders and other related info from clients’ stores on Magento and integrate it with business soft. The service enriches functionality of such business solutions like data feed management, inventory and reprising systems, social and mobile platforms, comparison shopping engines, mobile apps builder and others.

New Features that Were Added

Lately announced, merchants are able to add different data to their Magento stores including product’s option, variant, image, tax, manufacturer and currency. This will surely enhance online service’s possibilities and fulfill customers’ most spontaneous desires with a few finger taps.

Lets have a closer look at all new enhancements that API2Cart provides merchants with while Magento integration:

Product’s option. Allows vendors to add various collections of similar values, e.g. "colors" or "sizes" to the product, thus, enables to enhance its description.

Product’s variant. Provides merchants with a possibility to add different versions of the product. For example, there is no necessity to treat the small, medium and large sizes of a dress as three separate products, it allows to refer them as three variations of the same product.

Product’s image. Makes it possible to add images in order to make products more appealing for users.

Product’s tax. Allows to supplement the product with a tax that has to be paid. This will provide users with great convenience as various countries have their own tax calculations and sometimes it may be a challenge to estimate the final price.

Product’s manufacturer. Gives an opportunity to set products’ producers, making them more recognizable.

Product’s currency. Makes it feasible to assign multiple currencies to the product and cater needs to international market easily.

Henceforth, it’s possible to enhance online trade in easy and secure way with Magento API integration via API2Cart.

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