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New Manual Explains How to Start Lucrative Transportation Business with Only a Vehicle


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- "Road to Financial Freedom: How to Cash In on Non-Emergency Transportation of People in Need with your Regular Car" explains clearly and effectively how many companies are in desperate need of individuals with their own transportation who can be paid to drive clients to medical appointments.

A new book now on the market helps the unemployed and underemployed who own a vehicle start a new turn-key transportation business, without any special experience or education.

By using the information in the "Road to Financial Freedom" manual, individuals can start their own transportation service, making large amounts of money without having to go back to school, learn new skills, market to find clients or buy expensive equipment.

According to "Road to Financial Freedom," most businesses fail within the first year due to low start-up capital, a lack of specialized business knowledge and a lack of mentorship. With the "Road to Financial Freedom" program, anyone who owns a vehicle and a driver's license can make money quickly and easily. No CDL license is required.

Many businesses today are looking for independent contractors to drive clients to medical appointments and are willing to pay for this valuable service. "Road to Financial Freedom" explains how to cash in on this growing trend and to rely on the built-in marketing that comes with the clients, who already have customers needing services.

There are 11 large, established companies with existing clientele ready to pay an average of $2.50 per mile to drive their clients to appointments such as physical therapy or rehab. This is in comparison to over the road truck drivers, who typically make 28 cents per mile to start.

"I created the 'Road to Financial Freedom' manual to help unemployed and underemployed people cash in on a new self-employment trend while providing a valuable service to existing medical providers who desperately need transportation services for their clients," said Tony Dun, author of the "Road to Financial Freedom" manual. "I know this manual is going to be an invaluable resource to anyone ready to start their journey on the road to financial freedom."

The recession-proof "Road to Financial Freedom" program is clear and easy to follow. It includes everything needed to easily find clients that will bring new leads, new business and new opportunities. The program also comes with a few bonuses, including a free upgrade to priority shipping by the USPS (a $10 value); a bonus quick start CD: "Your Super-Fast NEMT 'GPS' to the Profits" (a $40 value); and on-going coaching and support (a $250 value).

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