New Med Supplies to Run a Sale Until July 31


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- New Med Supplies is an online store that will be running a sale up to July 31, 2013. This promotion will enable consumers to benefit from the comprehensive medical equipment and supplies that the store offers in discounted prices. Through this online store, individuals will have an easy time finding the medical supplies that they need.

New Med Supplies is made for people who want to acquire medical supplies and equipment easily. This online store has a comprehensive collection of medical equipment that medical students and medical professionals need in fulfilling their duties properly and efficiently. Individuals can be sure that the supplies offered on the site are made by reliable manufacturers that are committed to using high quality and safe materials in the products that they make. It is truly significant for consumers to have durable, safe, and effective medical equipment and supplies, in order to have a constant and continuous health recovery.

The high quality medical equipment and supplies offered at the site are designed to suit the health care needs of the patient. All their products are truly affordable, and it gives a lot of benefits to individuals who utilized it. The store will also be showcasing its BestSeller ShuVee Shoe Deodorizer by Kagan. Aside from these products, New Med Supplies is also offering wheelchairs, wound care, medical gloves and Medline remedy products.

To help its clients save on their purchases, New Med Supplies is having their sale until July 31. The website has great deals when it comes to nursing supplies such as enema bags, food thickeners and protective apparel. Individuals can save for about 15% off in products like shower chairs, transfer benches, and other bath safety products. They can also save for about 20% on wheels for walkers with rollators and seats. And lastly, individuals can save 15% on products for adult incontinence like under pads, liners and adult briefs. The sale will enable individuals to own good quality medical supplies in a price that is cheaper than their original price.

New Med Supplies is located in Chicago, Illinois. For individuals who want to know more information about the online store and the type of products that it sells, they can visit its website at

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