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New Mega Gold Pawn Shop in Miami Specializes in the Provision of Reliable & Value-for-Money Pawn Services - Accepting All Precious Metals


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Miami-based pawn shop, Mega Gold, who have been in businesses since the olden days of 2000, are constantly proving their mettle in a tough economy. They offer gold and cash exchange services within minutes to hours, allowing valued clients to liquefy their assets within a short period of time when the need may arise.

Mega Gold’s Pawning Services in Miami

The family-owned business started up in 2000, and has been successfully operating since then. They will buy all goods made of silver, gold, bronze, or platinum metals that are of any value. This includes gold chains, flatware, cufflinks, stamped silver, platinum rings, golden watches, ancient bullions, diamond stones, coins, earrings, pins, money clips, charms, pendants, men’s and women’s rings, graduation rings, and even bangles. Apart from the general collection of precious metal jewellery, bracelets and necklaces, Mega Gold are also happy to trade clients’ home décor pieces manufactured of precious metal, such as paintings, lamp stands, and golden cutlery, for instance, with immediate cash gratification. Gold metals are their particular interest however. And, they are willing to purchase unwanted gold of 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, and even 10k, so long as it is authentic and in reasonable condition.

Reliable & User-Friendly Business Ideals

Mega Gold has established its niche spot on the web at It’s a simple, stylish, and informative website, with all the relevant details about the company’s services. Even though it has a pretty simple, direct interface, customers and clients of the Miami-based pawn shop, when surveyed, responded that they found the company’s website to be much more useful and user-friendly than some other pawn shop websites. For starters, it clearly states the company’s rates, terms, and conditions for buying and selling precious metals. The owners of this establishment firmly believe in transparency and clear communication in business transactions, and this clearly reflects in the company’s day-to-day dealings, as well as their professional website design. One impressed customer said, “Whenever I need a quick cash injection and need to pawn off some jewelry or precious watches off, I know that I will get the best quote and most honest services only at Mega Gold Pawns Miami!”

About Mega Gold
Mega Gold Pawn Shop is a Miami-based pawn and gold exchanges shop that serves the downtown and eastern suburbs of Miami, FL, providing immediate liquidation of all precious metal assets, in both large and small quantities.

Contact Mega Gold

Mega Gold Jewelry
2346 SW 67 AVE, Miami FL 33155
Phone: 305-269-6957