New Method of Addressing Gum Disease with Ozonized Water Released


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- The incidence of gum disease is increasing quite rapidly around the world - and the case in USA, is the worst in recent history. The biggest problem is that although most people care for their teeth to a degree, many never pay the required attention to their gums. Dr. Vinograd has proposed an ingenious method of preventing and even reversing gum disease – one that involves using an ozonizers and a waterpik.

Gum disease is also called periodontal disease, and often has awful consequences. Artificial teeth can still be put back into mouth to complete a person’s smile, but if the gums have been completely damaged or destroyed, there is not much that can be done. This is, in large part, the reason why dentists are so seriously concerned about gum disease. However, although this disease is continues to become more common, traditional methods are not rising to meet the challenge. Certainly, preventative care is falling short.

While other dentists are busy giving their patients instructions on brushing their teeth (often ignoring proper instruction on brushing the gums), Dr. Vinograd took the matter seriously and came up with an ingenious method of preventing gum disease. After showing patients the right way to brush the gums, he sends them home with an ozonizer, which pumps oxygen into water, which is then used to irrigate the gums with a waterpik.

Gum disease is caused by anaerobic (oxygen hating) bacteria that take shelter in the gum pockets along the teeth. The bigger the gum pocket, the more space the bacteria have to proliferate. With time, they start to destroy the gums - and consequently the teeth start losing their grip. Eventually a patient’s teeth start to fall out, and since there is no gum to support the teeth, many artificial solutions become useless as well. However, using ozonized water / oxygen to kill these bacteria has solved the problem for many of Doctor Vinograd’s patients.

Patients, and those who subscribe to Docotr Vinograd’s methods can buy these ozonizers (the price of this technology has fallen, so the units are more affordable) to prevent the gum disease before it becomes a problem.

Using a soft toothbrush, and brushing the gums in a circular motions, is Dr. Vinograd’s first suggestion for improving oral hygiene. He’s also known for his homemade toothpaste formula which you can be made from the comfort of home, without any fluoride or other harmful chemicals. By using these and the ozonizing method, people can now protect themselves from gum disease, and save thousands of dollars from being spent on the resulting surgery. Instructions on proper brushing methods and the ozone protocol can be found here:

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