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New Method of "Live Looping" Helps Musician with Neurological Condition Play On

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New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- When Ian C. Bouras, a guitarist and producer from New York was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Ataxia, he thought his guitar playing days were over.

The condition, the name of which comes from the Greek word meaning "without order or incoordination" means that Bouras has difficulty controlling his movements to play an instrument.

Sufferers can find that the movement of their hands, legs and other appendages becomes uncoordinated because of disturbances in the appropriate signals being carried through the nervous system.

As Bouras’ condition deteriorated, it seemed that he would no longer be able to the music that he loves anymore, that is until he started experimented with a system called live looping.

Live looping means that Bouras can attach a guitar synthesizer to his guitar and play every element from a live band including bass and piano as well as the guitar. He then manipulates the sounds live so that they loop together to create a full band. In essence, Bouras is the composer, musician and audio technician all at the same time, something he knows he is fortunate enough to be able to do.

Ian discussed his condition in length saying: "I am not thrilled about having Ataxia, but I am happy to be forging my own path, and am the first person, that I know of, to be doing what I'm doing. People do live looping, but not like this. As people say, necessity is the mother of invention, so maybe that's why I'm the first to do what I do, no one else has had to do it!"

All of Ian’s music, as well as some free downloads can be accessed on his website at: