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New Microfiber Stainless Steel Polishing Cloth Reaches Number One Rank for New Release on Amazon


Medellin, Antioquia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, a website that specializes in stainless steel cooking supplies, reached a number one ranking for a new release on for their premium quality microfiber polishing cloths. Their microfiber stainless steel polishing cloth is a highly effective solution for maintaining a polished sheen on cookware and appliances.

The microfiber polishing cloth produced by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools can be used in place of harmful chemical cleaners and disposable wipes, simultaneously allowing chefs to avoid potential hazards and help the environment while keeping their cookware sparkling and clean. Another benefit of using microfiber cloths for cleaning instead of traditional cleansers and wipes is their ability to polish without leaving any traces or damage such as streaks, swirls, scratches, or spots. Furthermore, as microfiber cloths do not dissolve or break apart, they do not leave lint or flecks of material behind on the surface after polishing. These features have made microfiber polishing cloths quite popular as an alternative to traditional cloth or paper towels, which typically cause damage to the finish being polished.

While Pro Chef Kitchen Tools' microfiber polishing cloths have been purposed for use on kitchen and cooking ware, they are also highly effective for use on just about any other chrome or stainless steel fixture. Some of the other applications that Pro Chef Kitchen Tools suggests for their cloth include workshop, tools, bathroom, and automotive.

The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools' microfiber polishing cloth is also highly durable and, as a result, gives consistent results with each use. To demonstrate their confidence in their product, Pro Chef Kitchen Tools is offering a money back guarantee with the purchase of their microfiber polishing cloths. The guarantee states that a customer may return the purchased cloth for a full refund if they are dissatisfied with it for any reason.

About Pro Chef Kitchen Tools
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools was founded by passionate home chefs for the purpose of bringing high quality stainless steel kitchen tools and organizers to other cooking enthusiasts around the world. Their product line has been designed and developed with the help of regular input from professional chefs. This gives the home chef the opportunity to work with the same high quality and professional grade kitchen tools that are used by top chefs around the world. As a result of their commitment to quality, Pro Chef Kitchen Tools are used by professional chefs worldwide. Like their 'no questions asked' return policy offered for their microfiber polishing cloths, Pro Chef Kitchen Tools demonstrates their confidence in their products by offering a lifetime replacement warranty for their stainless steel cooking ware.

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