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Dothan, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- is the optimal place to find pea shelling tools, accessories and product information. The company is pleased to announce the addition of the new Mini Pea Sheller to its inventory. This dynamic pea shelling machine has an innovative roller and motor design.

The adjustable, scientifically engineered rollers allow owners to shell purple hull peas, black-eyed peas, English peas, lady-fingers and mature butter beans. The Mini Pea Sheller rollers were designed with just enough strength to effectively guide peas and beans through the shelling process. Peas are forced out of the seam of a pod just as if being shelled by hand.

The Mini Pea Shelling machine is powered by an American, 1/10 horsepower motor. The motor is fan cooled and designed not to bog down even under the heaviest loads. Thermal protection prevents overheating. In addition to efficiency, Mini Pea Shellers were also designed for optimal safety. Rollers are protected by guards in the front and back exit. A belt guard also protects owners from gears and moving parts. offers pea shelling machines, supplies and product information to customers via its online marketplace. Pea shelling enthusiasts have no better place to find tools or accessories for their pea shelling projects. Personnel go the extra mile to provide customers the right pea shelling tools at the right price.

Mini Pea Shellers are thoroughly tested by Taylor, which has over fifty years of experience in manufacturing pea shelling machines. Product quality is exceptional, and the brand has developed a loyal following. Since this product is new, there is a limited supply. So it is imperative to order one as soon as possible.

For additional information on the new Mini Pea Shellers or please visit , or call (334) 245-9287. New Mini Pea Shellers are now available and personnel stand ready to answer questions or offer insight into the product. Call today to order one of the Mini Pea Shellers while supplies last.

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