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New Missoula Coffee Roaster with a Conservative Twist


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2017 -- Conservative Coeur d'Alene Coffee Roaster, Lake City Coffee will soon be opening operations in Missoula Montana. The owners of Lake City Coffee, Russell & Alisha Volz, believe that Missoula Coffee Roasters, by and large, have been following the big industrial coffee companies in Seattle and Portland; allowing them to define what coffee should taste like. What they fail to realize is that Missoula coffee drinkers are different.

Like the wine industry in the 70's and the crafted artisan beer industry over the last dozen years, the coffee industry too is going through a minor revolution. There's a small but growing percentage of coffee drinkers that are no longer willing to accept the burnt and bitter taste of industrial coffee. They want moreā€¦

Let's face it, coffee means different things to different people. To people in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco; coffee is all about seeing and being seen. That's why they hang out in hip, progressive, inclusive, safe-zone coffee shops. Apparently, burnt and bitter industrial coffee works for them. It's the "jolt" that they need to face another day of six-lane traffic, a boring job, and a $400,000 mortgage.

On the other hand, people who live in the Inland Northwest (Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana) do so because they want a slower more meaningful lifestyle. Coffee isn't a stimulant for them. They have enough stimulation in their lives.

The owners of Lake City Coffee, Russell & Alisha Volz; believe that coffee should be a relaxing experience, a time-out, a break from reality, a chance to catch one's breath, an opportunity to get centered, where for a moment, life stands still and the whole world shrinks to you and that cup of coffee.

Why another Missoula Coffee Roaster? As Russell says, "The existing Missoula Coffee Roasters are serving the coffee shops very well, but what about the other two thirds of Missoula coffee drinkers that make their coffee at home? Who's serving them?" Well, apparently, Lake City Coffee is now stepping up to the plate to champion home brewed gourmet coffee drinkers.

Lake City Coffee will not be opening a coffee shop in Missoula, but they are looking for roasting and shipping facilities in the area.

About Lake City Coffee
Lake City Coffee offers the freshest whole bean coffee that one is likely to find anywhere. Our motto is "From our roaster to your table in 24-48 hours". We source the finest beans that money can buy from high altitude, shade grown, hand picked, and sun dried, organic Costa Rican Coffee farmers. This is gourmet coffee at its very best.