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New Mobile App Would Help Needy Families Obtain Food

Italian entrepreneur Dimitrj Ciamarra is raising funds to support this project, which would channel unused food to poor families at bargain prices.


Napoli, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2014 -- Dimitrj Ciamarra has an idea that would help needy families get food they need, create additional revenue for restaurants and supermarkets, and reduce trash.

If it sounds like a win, win, win situation, it is. Ciamarra wants to develop a mobile app that will channel unused food – provisions that would be thrown away or given away – to poor families at bargain prices. By using the app, families could determine where they can obtain this food and the suppliers (restaurants, supermarkets, bars, cafés, vegetable vendors, etc.) wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of excess food. Plus, they would be paid for food that is given away.

In addition, there would be less food going into the trash, which is good for the environment.

“I’m trying to do something special, something that will help people,” said Ciamarra, 43. “People who are struggling to make ends meet will be able to buy food at a very low price. And vendors will be compensated for participating in this program.”

To make it happen, Ciamarra needs to raise about 20,000 Euros ($25,000 USD) for technical support, testing and equipment as well as government fees, tax and royalties.

To generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount, from anywhere in the world, are welcome. Ciamarra is encouraging people to help those who are less fortunate by donating to this project.

“I am not a computer expert so I will have to hire programmers to develop this app,” he explained. “It would need to work with many different platforms, such as Android, Apple and Windows.

“I’m very excited about this project and the potential it has to help many people. I am hoping that people will support us and help feed needy people around the world.”

For additional information, visit or contact Ciamarra directly at

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