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Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Mobile phone marketing including SMS marketing, mobile websites and mobile apps are taking off in popularity.  Mobile device usage continues to grow all over the world. Because of this, mobile marketing has become more popular among businesses as a way to attract and keep on-the-go consumers. Many big businesses have already established mobile phone marketing campaigns with great success, but small business owners with smaller marketing budgets have found it harder to establish a mobile marketing strategy and find a mobile marketing agency to fit their needs. However, mobile marketing strategies will continue to be a great return on investment as they allow all business owners to connect and engage with those on-the-go consumers.

A new resource for small business owners just became available in Kansas City. aims to help small business owners establish a mobile marketing campaign with proven strategies such as mobile website design, mobile apps development, and bulk SMS marketing. Mobile marketing strategies like these are cost-effective and a good place for small business to start. The initial investment, especially with a strategy such as text message marketing, is low but also highly effective at reaching a targeted audience. Through the efforts of Kansas City Mobile Marketing, small business owners can learn how to implement these proven strategies.

Mobile marketing is taking off in many different small business niches.  Restaurant mobile marketing is on the top of this list because restaurants see an immediate return on their marketing investment in mobile.

Retail stores have also been an early adopter of mobile marketing strategies.  Creating a mobile marketing plan for retailers isn’t a difficult process and like restaurants, retailers are seeing immediate returns on their mobile investments.

They have created a free mobile marketing video training course that provides tools and advice for small business owners, including helpful mobile marketing software. Kansas City Mobile Marketing also provides a marketing blog with inside tips, news and insights into the world of mobile marketing. The blog is a resource for business owners who want ideas for reaching and retaining their customers through their mobile devices, and the free video training course is a unique resource for helping business owners implement what they learn on the site.

Michael Armstrong is the creator of this free video training series, and the founder of Kansas City Mobile Marketing. Mr. Armstrong is an expert in the field of marketing and has particular knowledge in the latest technologies surrounding mobile marketing. He understands that some confusion has been associated with mobile marketing, but has a genuine interest in helping small business owners move past the confusion into success.

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Kansas City-area small business owners who have interest in mobile marketing software and free training can contact Michael Armstrong for more information about mobile phone marketing strategies and his innovative free mobile marketing training course.

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