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St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Mobile marketing is not just a fad, mobile marketing is the most effective means of reaching today's mobile consumers using powerful mobile marketing tools. No matter where they are, mobile marketing helps business owners connect with and engage their customers. Big businesses all over the world have discovered the power that lies in mobile phone marketing, but small business owners have lagged behind in adopting its strategies and effectively utilizing mobile marketing tools. A new mobile marketing resource for small business owners hopes to help them catch up and increase revenue.

This new resource is a free mobile marketing video training course available for at The sole aim of Mobile Marketing Missouri is to improve the success rate for small business mobile marketing campaigns. This site teaches small business owners that adopting mobile marketing strategies is the best, most cost-effective means of increasing business and improving revenues, even in a struggling economy. A blog available at the site has much information on mobile marketing strategies such as mobile website design and mobile app development. The blog gives readers a lot of fresh, innovative information and inside tips to increase understanding of mobile marketing practices.

Also available is a free video training course developed for small business owners who want to increase their understanding and knowledge of mobile marketing strategies, how to put them into action and manage their success. The course helps small business owners take advantage of mobile phone marketing and discover the potential for growth it provides.

There are a variety of businesses taking advantage of mobile marketing including real estate agents, bars & nightclubs, salons & spas, religious organizations and dont forget restaurant mobile marketing, which is extremely popular.

Michael Armstrong is the founder of Mobile Marketing Missouri and the creator of this innovative free video training course. He is a marketing professional with much experience in mobile marketing strategies. As Mr. Armstrong sees it, mobile marketing is growing so much that it is quickly becoming a requirement for all organizations, but the confusion that tends to surround it has held back many small businesses. Mr. Armstrong intends to clear this confusion and help Missouri small business owners find success within effective mobile marketing strategies.

Small business owners who want help navigating through the world of mobile marketing can sign up for the free mobile marketing training for a limited time.

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