New Music Channel from Alfadex Publishing House Launches on YouTube


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Alternative music and heavy rock fans are invited to subscribe to the new YouTube channel from Alfadex Publishing House. This channel will offer regular info on rock music and books from Alfadex.

The first music video is for those who like alternative music, heavy rock,and reading! 'The Maelstrom Ascendant' music video is part of a novel and album combo recorded by the author's band, Lighthouse XIII. The two complement each other in a unique way.

Dane Harding at Alfadex said:

"The Maelstrom Ascendant' is our latest release - a novel with its own music soundtrack album. The book raises important topical themes in a challenging but fun and humorous way. Duncan Smith has written his best book so far, with the music to match."

Harding goes on to say:

"The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to share the Alfadex book and music publications. 'The Maelstrom Ascendant' is the second book and album in the Vortex Winder series."

Anybody interested in music and books from the Alfadex Publishing House, and all Lighthouse XIII fans, can subscribe to the YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZ_wIQSr6pLxQgWbIs4hIQ

Alternatively, they can watch the video and read more (including a first chapter sample) on the company website at: http://vortexwinder.com/maelstrom-ascendant-samples/

As an added bonus, you get to enjoy the antics of Smith's own 'Finzi the Wonder Cat' throughout the video! This song, 'Moonlight Tiger' is the first single off the new album. As with the book and full digital album, the song is also available from Amazon.

The Maelstrom Ascendant Album and Music Video is a new concept that combines the artistic genres of music and literature. While unusual, it is the sign of a growing trend towards multi-media art forms and collaborations. The Maelstrom Ascendant is innovative because rarely has there been a novel with its own music album. The album was recorded by the author's band, Lighthouse XIII. In the same way, rarely has a rock band recorded an album with a full novel written by one of its band members!

Duncan Smith is the author of The Maelstrom Ascendant book and music.

The book is of interest to anyone affected by themes such as:

- corruption and bullying in the entertainment world and in the workplace.
- work / life balance, and the personal sacrifices made for career ambition.
- the workplace psychopath.
- the temptations and struggles of life in the world of rock music!

Topical Themes – The book deals with topical themes including:

- internet piracy
- corruption in high places, unethical practices
- 'good and evil in the modern world' - the new moral challenges opened up by technology
- radical changes in the music biz and publishing world

Some early review comments:

I really love this book! One of those hard-to-put-down reads, with an extremely compelling lead character in Jimmy Brandt. ... It's done so well that I feel the need to go back to the beginning and read it again, just for the joy of it! - Jane Hastings

Quirky, compelling, original and above all fun, this is a cracking read from an author I will be paying attention to from now on – Gareth Goodman

After the YouTube Channel launch on 24th August, 2015, new viewers can view all the latest videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZ_wIQSr6pLxQgWbIs4hIQ

Further details on the channel, the direction and other information on Alfadex itself can be found on their website: http://vortexwinder.com/maelstrom-ascendant-samples/

Alfadex launches a new music video on their YouTube Channel aimed at heavy rock and alternative music lovers.The music video is from "The Maelstrom Ascendant", the latest release of a novel with its own musical soundtrack and features Finzi the Wonder Cat.

The channel and video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZ_wIQSr6pLxQgWbIs4hIQ

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