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New Music Website Extends Lifeline to Struggling Hip Hop Artists

A recently launched and increasingly popular music website,, is extending a life-line to unsigned hip-hop artists struggling to get their music out to the world.


Paterson, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- The Feedback from suggests that the world of hip-hop is shaping up for a major bang as thousands of unsigned hip-hop artists grab at the opportunity to stream their music to the world for a tiny fraction of what they would have to pay on most other music websites. The website management, Cant Stop Hip Hop, says was launched to cater to the growing numbers of very talented unsigned hip-hop artists who were previously unable to stream their music worldwide.

According to Cant Stop Hip Hop, many unsigned hip-hop artists have great music which hip-hop lovers worldwide deserve to hear. He says many unsigned hip-hop artists have been yearning for chance to light up the music world with their lyrics. However, Cant Stop Hip Hop says majority of unsigned artists cannot afford the very high fees charged by most music websites. He also notes that some artists who are willing to pay the high fees are locked out by many of these music websites for various reasons.

The music website is set to become a game changer for unsigned hip-hop artists. These artists now have the opportunity to make their presence felt in the hip-hop music industry worldwide and to generate fans in every corner of earth as allows them to stream their music for a very low fee.

The reports so far are that the unsigned hip-hop artists are making use of the opportunity the new music website hands them. According to the management of, the site “generates thousands of visitors each day and has become the new best friend of hip hop artists who want to make money from their music and increase their fan base.”

Raking in large fees is not the goal of, the management explains. Cant Stop Hip Hop says, “unlike other hip-hop sites that make it hard for artists to get noticed unless they pay fees that will break the bank, Cant Stop Hip Hop has one mission in mind, to get your music heard.” Declaring the management’s passion for the growth of hip-hop music, Cant Stop Hip Hop says the management takes pleasure in seeing unsigned artist achieve the well deserved promotion when their music is streamed to thousands of fans around the world.

Hip-hop artists can submit their music and videos to the site with no difficulty. And, according to Cant Stop Hip Hop, “within minutes your music could be playing to the world, allowing you to generate maximum exposure.”

Hip Hop bands or artists and fans are being encouraged to visit and make use of the opportunity to promote their hip-hop music or to simply be entertained by some good hip-hop music.

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