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New Natural Energy Drink Company Uses Crowdfunding to Open Storefronts

Moringa Smoothies offers a healthy alternative to coffee and other energy drinks with its delicious menu of smoothies and tea containing the superfood moringa. The company’s crowdfunding campaign promises perks to contributors.


Malmö, Skåne län -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- New smoothie company Moringa Smoothies promises health, energy, flavor, and franchise opportunities with its crowdfunding campaign ending November 3. Utilizing its namesake, the moringa plant, Moringa Smoothies has developed proprietary recipes and methods to uniquely infuse USDA certified organic moringa into delicious smoothies and tea. “At our stores, people can get an enjoyable, healthier alternative to coffee and other energy drinks,” said founder and owner Joe Shepard.

Moringa is a superfood that has been featured on Dr. Oz, NBC News, the Discovery Channel, and many other news sources for its health benefits. Moringa Smoothies provides energy through a combination of magnesium and B vitamins. Its drinks are also supercharged with eight essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals, vitamins, protein, and other beneficial nutrients, providing health benefits beyond natural energy. “The body is like a machine,” said Shepard. “The more you give it the essentials it needs, the better it will function.”

Moringa Smoothies’ crowdfunding effort at Indiegogo is helping the company raise money to open storefronts and to franchise stores to sell Moringa Smoothies and Moringa Tea with major perks for contributors. The first three stages of giving provide contributors with in-store credit: $25 receives $50 in-store credit, $100 receives $200 in-store credit, and $200 receives $500 in-store credit. Stage four giving $1,000 receives $20 per day worth of in-store credit that never expires. Stage five giving $5,000 receives a franchise at a location of the receiver’s choice as well as $20 per day worth of in-store credit that never expires.

Affordable franchise opportunities available now through November 3 allows anyone to participate in the next big idea in health and wellness. With experts to help franchisees plan and execute a great location, Moringa Smoothies is seeking qualified individuals and companies to open stores worldwide that are in convenient locations – such as malls, airports, and other high-traffic locations. “I am ready to share my recipes with the public through stores that will offer great tasting Moringa Smoothies and Teas,” said Shepard.

About Moringa Smoothies
Moringa Smoothies has developed methods to infuse the superfood moringa plant into delicious smoothies and tea using 100 percent natural ingredients. With plans to position stores in convenient locations, Moringa Smoothies seeks to meet the needs of individuals wanting better nutrition and more energy. For more information, visit www.MoringaSmoothies.com. To contribute to fundraising efforts, visit igg.me/at/moringasmoothies.