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New Natural Study Aid Achieves Incredible Results in Users, Boosts Concentration, Memory and Focus


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2012 -- It’s a competitive world out there. People in all different stages of their lives are discovering fast that every little advantage counts, especially as the employment market dries up and only the highest performing graduates are guaranteed any kind of job security or success. As the economy slows and opportunities become scarce, it’s easy to see that American’s everywhere are under more and more pressure. Those that don’t perform to increasing demands are looking down the barrel of some very difficult times.

Specifically, students who are attempting to lay down a solid foundation for future success are under more pressure than most. In many cases the results of a single exam or project can be all that stand between a well paid, fulfilling career and destitution. For each and every opportunity there is to succeed, students can count on that fact that there will be hundreds of eager candidates doing their utmost in order to achieve it. Even the smallest edge can count, but how do those who are already giving it everything they have, find any extra juice?

The answer, it seems, is Doxiderol. In the mess of fad study pills and over-hyped brain boosters, Doxiderol an all natural focus supplement, has proved a shining beacon of hope for hard-working students everywhere. Produced by combining a powerful selection of nature’s most proven focus, memory and energy boosting compounds, Doxiderol is providing thousands of students across the nation with the extra 10% they need to make it over the line.

But how does Doxiderol succeed where so many have failed, particularly whilst maintaining its status as a natural product? The team behind Doxiderol is quick to address any questions levelled at the efficacy of this new, breakthrough product. Specifically, they note that Doxiderol belongs to a very powerful group of supplements known as ‘Nootropics’, a class of natural products which have been getting a lot of praise over recent years. “They work by increasing the brain’s supply of neurochemicals, improving brain oxygen supply or stimulating nerve growth,” the minds behind Doxiderol confirm. “Doxiderol works in five distinct ways to improve both short term and long term brain function.” Specifically, Doxiderol supports improved learning by:

1. Supporting neurotransmitters
2. Increasing blood flow to the brain
3. Reducing stress levels
4. Protecting brain cells
5. Boosting mental agility, stamina and focus

While these might seem on the surface to be bold claims, the evidence is compelling. Many users report benefits so significant they claim that Doxiderol provides a safe, effective, and natural Adderall alternative. Whilst many students attempt to illegally access various pharmaceutical products in order to improve their academic ability, more and more are turning to Doxiderol, finally having sourced a safe, legal and natural substitute.

So as pressure mounts on students from all corners of the nation, it’s refreshing to see the launch of an effective, natural method by which thousands can improve their mental function. With professionally sourced ingredients of the highest purity creating one of the most influential mental acuity breakthroughs in a generation, it’s easy to see why more and more high performing American’s are turning to Doxiderol for that extra 10%.

About Doxiderol™
Doxiderol™ is an all natural supplement for brain performance. It was launched by Mentis Laboratories out of New York City. By combining powerful natural ingredients, all with individual characteristics benefiting mental agility and performance, the team at Doxiderol has created the first natural and effective alternative to black market study pills. For more information, visit http://www.doxiderol.com