New Office Suite Software Set to Surpass MS Office in Every Way


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Petals Office is a revolution in office suite software using a unique single interface for all the components of the office suite. Petals Office creates a streamlined and simple user experience, unlike anything you have seen before. Forget changing between office suite programs again, Petals Office brings all the office components to you directly within the one software, making your experience faster, simpler and smoother, and saving your time in the process. This new software will offer a completely new and enhanced office experience, surpassing what is now available in MS Office. Support this exciting new development now:

San Francisco, California, Monday 18th November, 2013 -- One toolbar. One window. Multiple Documents. Petals Office is an all-in-one innovative tabbed interface Office Suite. Petals Office will revolutionize the way we work – it will simplify daily workflow, save time and save money.

Petals Office’ developer, physicist Gregory Papadopoulos explains that he begun this program as a side project aiming for the development of a more efficient and simpler user interface.

Gregory adds: “Working with various office suites throughout the years, I always felt there was a need for change on their interface. Being forced to change windows from spreadsheet to document editor, is a typical annoyance, even on modern computers where there is enough screen space to display both windows side by side. No matter which type of document you are working on, many of the editing options are difficult to find, hidden on sub menus and dialogs, or are missing altogether on some suites”.

Petals Office will solve all such problems through a simple adaptive interface, easy to learn and friendly to the user.

Having all office applications in the same interface, through different tabs, helps concentrate all -and on- your work. You can view multiple documents of all supported types (text, spreadsheet, pdf files) side by side, or in a top bottom split layout. On a 24-inch desktop screen, it is possible to view two full A4 pages side by side, while on editing mode.

“What we are trying to accomplish, is not simply to change how your office looks, but to enhance how it works as well. For example special attention has been given on the planning of the spreadsheet part of the program. Adding to what current applications can do, we want to incorporate OpenCL/GPGPU functions, where applicable. Such features are above MS Office compatibility and will probably only run on Petals Office”.

Petals Office took its name and form slowly, over a long period of time, as a modern approach to an Office suite, which uses an all-in-one tabbed interface that allows users to edit text and spreadsheet documents, as well as to display PDFs, side by side. The program will be free, with a commercial version to ensure its future.

CrowdFunding will make possible the development of Petals Office. Contributions to this exciting project can be made at IndieGoGo by following the link below.

It is expected that the first version of this suite will include a document and a spreadsheet editor, alongside of a simple PDF viewer. Support for presentations and database capabilities will be added in later versions.

Petal Office Advanced Features
Adaptive toolbar, all the tools you need, available when you need them.
Tabbed Interface, work on different types of documents at the same time.
Cloud integration, save and share your documents (Google Drive, Dropbox)
Equation Library, to support students and scientists, both for spreadsheet and documents.

Free with Commercial spin off
As a crowd funded project, Petals office will always be a fully working free program for everyone. No ads, no spying, no locked features will ever be incorporated in it. A spin off commercial version with advanced business features is being planned, in order to ensure its long-term viability. Such features include integrated Cloud storage (1 to 5GB per license) with sharing, team projects and speech to text. According to the investment you make in this project, you will get a respective number of lifetime licenses for the commercial version.

Petals Office will revolutionize Office Suite applications, and will surpass the capabilities and functionality of MS Office in many ways. Click on the link now to view more information on this exciting new Office Suite development.