New Oil Vaporizer Kit Fast Becoming a Trailblazer for Vaporizing Oils and Waxes: The v-Hit Is Easy to Use and Fast


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- Who knew something that used to require a lot of time and space to do could be accomplished within a few seconds in a gadget the size and look of a pen? The V-Hit Oil Vaporizer Kit is the most innovative and safe way for oil and wax users to enjoy the vapes safely and conveniently. The product is now available exclusively at

The main advantage of the V-Hit Oil Vaporizer is that it produces a smooth airflow and never clogs. The thick oil and wax melts into the funnel and ignites, producing huge clouds of smoke. And because of its design, it will never clog or leak. The airflow is unobstructed. Just load it with your favorite oil or wax and enjoy.

The PuffNuggs founder spoke about how the V-Hit is really a safe, cost effective way to enjoy fantastic vapes.

Great customer service is the cornerstone of the PuffNuggs company. To ensure that customers enjoy their products to the maximum extent, they include detailed instructional videos and Q and A for each product right on the website.

The primary takeaway for anyone using V-Hit is to use as instructed to enjoy unobstructed vapes for up to several months, depending upon frequency. It will not work with dry herbs and is built to not turn on by mistake if the button is pushed. Having knowledge about how it operates is the key to enjoying the product.

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