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New Online Backup Storage Website Best-Online-Storage.co Rates and Reviews Best Services


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- With the launch of the new online storage service review website Best-Online-Storage.co, thousands of computer users can now determine the best services among the many choices. The review website uses customer ratings to rank the top ten online storage sites and provides detailed reviews of each service.

While online storage backup is the most convenient way to store information, many computer users have difficulty in deciding among the many choices available on the market. Now, the new website Best-Online-Storage.co brings together reviews of the top ten customer-rated online storage services to help readers determine the important considerations and make informed purchasing decisions. “As a small group with extensive experience with the cloud and online storage market, we wanted to bring together the top ten online storage services according to a large group of user ratings so that readers could understand the important criteria and make informed decisions,” said a Best-Online-Storage.co website founder.

The reviews are rated in descending order with the current top ten online storage backup services currently listed on the website. Each review starts with a general overview of the backup service and what it offers. The review then moves to the security aspects of the service giving readers a security overview. The reader is then provided with cost and storage space information with general breakdowns of backup frequency and sharing options.

The crucial support and help section of the review looks at all aspects including the manual, FAQ page, online help desk and other options for accessing help if they exist such as phone support and email. If help tickets are utilized by the service, this is also reviewed for how it works and its effectiveness. The review ends with a summary of the service, which provides a general opinion that brings together the different aspects of the review already covered into a cohesive summary.

Readers are also given access to a number of personal reviews that have been submitted by users of the service. Each review allows new users of the designated service to post new reviews. Readers can also click over to the manufacturer’s website for additional information and purchase. A growing blog post page provides the reader with detailed information on online backup services, the different types, why they are necessary, how they protect files and how to assess the security of data. For more information, please visit http://best-online-storage.co

About Best-Online-Storage.co
The new review website provides customer ratings and reviews along with the professional reviews on each company from the website’s founding group of writers that have extensive experience in the cloud and online storage market. The website uses customer ratings to rank the top ten online storage sites. In addition to a general overview, security aspects, cost and storage space as well as support information within each detailed review, readers are given direct access to each manufacturer’s website as well as a list of additional user reviews for each service.