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New Online-Based MLM Company Reports Fast Growth, Worldwide Sales and Unique Publisher Earning Method


Mount Pleasant, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- Fast growing MLM company, VidcommX LLC launched August 7th and boasts to be the first of its kind to mainly focus on video emails and video mail marketing. The whole concept combines traditional gateways to multi-level marketing and the major use of new media which is the internet. Since its prelaunch in June 23rd of this year, the company has received more than 70,000 new sign-ups with average growth of 200 members per day. Despite being registered in Mainland Dubai, given its online dependency, the market for VidcommX is global.

Major Selling Point

Manned by a team of professional spanning 60 years of experience in technology, management, marketing, and venture capitalism, VidcommX offers its members two methods to earn:

1) Publisher. Given the popularity of online videos, this method lets anyone who signed up to use the platform and still earn without actively selling or promoting something. This process helps people advertise more than just one company and earn according to video views and shareability. Normal income range per 1000 views is 5 to 10 dollars. “In this type of video email marketing, anyone can simply let others do the marketing for them. Once their video content is fine, there is more potential if videos have more companies and if it goes viral,” shares Sharon Harper one of the first few members of VidcommX. She adds that this is one [if not only] of the platforms that allow this kind of revenue stream in the market today.

2) Affiliate. Unlike the first route, this is where traditional MLM rules apply. Dual earning potential is achieved by either direct referrals or accummulation of recruits called downlines. There are 50% commissions for direct referrals while earning is also possible when downlines gain more referrals. One of the methods under recruitment is Team Matching.

Product Package

Also one of its major selling points is that the actual products that members will be getting is more of a service package.

It will be done in the digital platform so the features are vidmail templates for use while applying the two methods mentioned above and varying degrees of personalization. The highest package has personal development sessions to be held in exotic places [with 5 star hotel accommodations]. All packages are accompanied by analytics real time view structure.

Packages are upgradable and the business is doable internationally. Its online nature makes it available even for people who work from home.

About VidCommX
This new, fast growing online-based MLM company claims to be the first of its kind to make use of email and videos alongside combinations of personal development, special mastermind groups and product advertisement as main product/service package. They allow publisher method of earning aside from traditional affiliate marketing. This platform is doable in a global scale due to its online nature.


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