New Online Botox Course Announced


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Botox can now be studied by dentists through an innovative new online course. Botox administration can now be learned through the wonderful use of modern technology. Dentists around the world will be able to offer their patients another new wonderful cosmetic surgery option through their study on this course that has been created by Dr Howard Katz. Dr Howard Katz is one of the foremost leaders in his field, and in his years of study and practice has totally revolutionised the way that Botox is understood. Indeed, many believe that it is only through his study and research that we have such a brilliant comprehension of this beneficial treatment – and now that understanding can be shared with millions across the world.

One of the biggest problems with receiving a Botox injection is that you can rarely be sure that the person administering it to you has received the correct training. Incorrect administration of a Botox treatment can leave the patient not only incredibly upset, but also with potential damage to their face and neck. Dr Howard Katz has all too often seen the outcome of a person totally untrained using Botox, but he also understands that for many people that want to be fully trained in administering Botox safely – like dentists – there are very few avenues for them to learn and receive that all important training. And that is what he wanted to change.

Dr Howard Katz’ new online course covers absolutely everything that a person will need to know about safely taking a patient through the Botox process. Every single area that you can think of is covered through the online tutorials and web cam one to one seminars – from needle care, to measuring out the Botox chemicals, even right through to marketing and business management.

What is so special and exciting about this new online Botox training course is that Dr Howard Katz has tailored his tried and tested teaching style purposefully for dentists. This means that he has taken into account all of the training that they have already done and completed, and moves them on from that stage into better understanding of how Botox administration works. This is a revolutionary idea that no one else has thought of before, and it means that dentists will be given the chance to widen their surgery’s outlook, and care for their patients in a new and vital way.

But what’s more, because of the online nature of this Botox training course, dentists how have wanted to receive training but have not been able to afford the time or money to be able to do it, will be able to be fully trained in their own homes or offices. This flexibility that Dr Howard Katz offers each and every dentist that signs on for this fantastic online Botox training course means that dentists can fit this training around their already hectic and complicated lives. They will save a huge amount of money by not needing to spend on travel and accommodation – and they will receive the same high standard of teaching.

If you are interested in this exciting new development within medicine and dentistry, then now is the time to contact Dr Howard Katz and discuss with him your hopes and expectations for this great way to expand your surgery and reach out to new patients. This online Botox training course is a completely new way to learn, and Dr Howard Katz is very excited about it.

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Dr. Howard Katz