New Online Botox Training Platform Launches This Summer

For the first time ever, on Friday, July 18th, Dr. Howard Katz will be giving expertise through the medium of an Online Botox Training course.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- This will be a relief to many in the medical world that has longed for the chance to gain further teaching from the world renowned expert in the field of Botox and aesthetic procedures. Throughout his long and industrious career, Dr. Howard Katz has travelled the world in order to lecture and transmit his extensive medical knowledge to the next generation of healers. However, he is only one man, and it has simply not been possible – up until now – for Dr. Howard Katz to reach all of the people that he has wanted to.

Now, however, he has the chance to really change the face of Botox injection administration. His Online Botox Training Course has within it everything a medical practitioner will require to safely and expertly administer a Botox treatment to a patient. This is the only interactive, hands-on Online Botox Training Course available, and it comes not only with certification from the man that invented many of the instruments used within the field of Botox, but also twenty-four seven access to the training classes and course materials that are essential for any doctor.

What's more, the Online Botox Training Course was not designed to exist in isolation. It also comes with the guarantee of free attendance at refresher courses, held at the San Diego centre of operations where Dr. Howard Katz is based. This is a wonderful opportunity for those within the medical community to really get their hands on some of the best advice and guidance in the world – after all, Dr. Howard Katz is the President of the International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics, and is truly one of the world's leading experts in the safe and accurate administration of Botox injections.

Botox injections that have been administered safely can completely change a patient's life – whether it is through giving them their self-confidence back, or healing an injury that was previously giving them much pain and discomfort. As a medical practitioner, you owe it to your patients to offer the very best of care within this area, and no one can teach you better than Dr. Howard Katz.

Many doctors who have previously benefited from Dr. Howard Katz's training and education has greatly appreciated the new chance to gain training in Botox injections. In the words of Dr. William Zenga, “He is one of the founders of Botox.” Dr. Bruce Carter has stated that: “His training is both comprehensive and profitable for doctors who add these treatments to their practice.”

Any questions and queries can be explained through visiting the website – any that remain should be directed to Dr. Howard Katz.
Dr. Howard Katz
(858) 550-9533