NEW ONLINE CAR SALES PLATFORM KSA AUTO TRADER LAUNCHES Free Online Classifieds for People Wanting to Sell a Car

Today’s consumer has no time to waste on driving around to find their next car or sell their current car, they want immediate access to range of options to choose from that fits their taste and budget and delivered through a convenient, easy to use and free of cost Automotive shopping platform. KSA AutoTrader aims to remove the burden of buying or selling a car and put the power in the hands of the buyers and sellers. Enabling a much simpler, faster, cheaper and convenient process to our audience.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- A new free online classifieds platform, KSAAUTOTRADER.COM, has launched been launched in Saudi Arabia as a service for individuals wanting to sell or buy a car online.

KSA AutoTrader offers users the convenience of shopping for a car online on their site for free and with no hidden fees. The easy to use site allows users to reach a wider selection of buyers and find more cars for sale than other sites currently on the web offering used cars for sale within Saudi Arabia. The site allows users a way to quickly find what they are looking for and do a shop comparison of used vehicles all from the convenience and privacy of their own home.

The launch of this new platform couldn't be timed more perfectly with the trend for increasing demand of less expensive luxury goods and the flood of Chinese cars expected to enter the Saudi market in the near future. While the demand for new vehicles will always drive the market, the demand for specific brand availability will foster a shift to the used car market in the near future. Also, with the higher numbers of employment expected as jobs increase over the next few years, especially in the energy and entrepreneurial sectors, more people will require transportation and making inexpensive, reliable second hand cars available to the market in an efficient way will help those people to get what they need faster - thoughts also touched on at The 3rd US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum in Los Angeles.

Not the typical used car website, KSA AutoTrader offers cars for sale by owner of name brand autos by top manufacturers. Users can search by brand or price and even save searches for return visits. The site is mobile and social integrated to allow users to interact by iPhone or iPad and to share their interests or listings by Facebook or Twitter. They even offer a newsletter for buyers looking for particular items, allowing them a heads up over the buying competition.

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About KSA AutoTrader
KSA AutoTrader’s goal is to be the ultimate online solution for buying and selling new and used cars. The site is designed to give customers more control of the buying process and make finding or selling a car easier than ever

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