New Online Cat, Dog and Pet Nutrition Training Program


Woodbridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- New Online Cat, Dog and Pet Nutrition Training Program provides animal lovers an option to maximize the health of these animals and enhance their athletic capabilities and if desired become an professional pet nutrition consultant. Such a program is suitable for a pet owner, animal trainers, or an individual who wants to become a professional nutritionist for animals. Individuals have the choice of enrolling in an online program that allows them to communicate with their trainers via email messages and phone calls. They receive various materials and other resources that cover a wide range of topics on pet health. Students have to undergo a grading procedure conducted by expert instructors after they complete the entire study material, which does not have any pre-determined time period for completion.

The program offered by from, The Academy of Natural Health Sciences which is a state licensed school. It is a five hundred hour study program that includes a wide variety of topics. Students will learn about issues associated with pet foods, fat, protein, and carbohydrates for dogs, switching to a healthier diet, choosing between frozen or canned products, health advantages of accurate feeding, and other similar topics. The feline nutrition health topics include needs of cats, foods that must never be fed to cats, supplementing with high quality commercial foods, dietary recipes, simple to cook at home recipes, supplements and herbs for cats, and other related information. Participants are also taught about the manner in which nutrition affects all ten systems of the animal bodies and helps them to understand the physiological and anatomical concepts of cats and dogs.

In addition to the above topics, students can also understand about the various diseases that affect these animals. They will learn on how to diagnose the various symptoms and methods used by vets to cure these illnesses. Several dogs are specially trained for athletic purposes and good nutrition is absolutely vital for such animals. Under this course, they will learn about digestion, interpreting dog food labels, being aware about protein, fat, carbohydrate, and water requirements, knowing how energy is produced, and other important aspects for maximizing the performance of these athletic dogs. The different breeds of animals have distinct nutritional requirements. Students are given an insight to these that helps them develop dietary plans that improve the overall health of these animals. Participants will also be given an understanding on the various dietary prescriptions offered by veterinarians and their benefits for weight loss, dental issues, heart problems, gastrointestinal trouble, and other illnesses.

Having theoretical knowledge is not sufficient and to provide a comprehensive approach, students learn how to make assessments on the canine and feline health.

Participants will learn the overall nutritional status of animals based on guidelines provided by WASVA and AAHA. Legal and business guidelines are provided to every participant to enable them on adopting the right way for nutritional counseling without practicing medicine. After completing all the course content, the students have to undergo ten counseling sessions, which include five each for cats and dogs. During these sessions, the trainers mentor the students to ensure the right procedures are used while they learn about the holistic protocols that must be adhered while dealing with the clients.

About Academy of Natural Health Sciences
Animal lovers can enjoy numerous benefits when they understand how nutrition affects overall health of dogs and cats. The course provided by this academy provides comprehensive knowledge and training for participants to ensure canine and feline good health and well-being.

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