New Online Credit Repair System Raises the Eyebrows of Industry Professionals with Real Time Updates of Credit Scores


East Elmhurst, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2011 -- Free Annual Credit Report Online is releasing its new plan to update clients when there is a change to their credit score via email. Utilizing the newest technology for immediate updates to clients through the internet, people can finally know exactly where their credit score is without having to actually check into themselves.

According to the owners of this brand new service, this email system allows clients to rest easy with the knowledge that if there is any significant change to their credit score then they will be notified immediately. In the past, clients had to check in to their credit scores themselves, never knowing whether or not there was a change to their credit positions. This left people with an uncertain feeling when dealing with their credit, and when things turned for the worse they wouldn’t know about it until they actually found out themselves.

According to Erik Summerstrom, who is an avid user of the system, the new process brings piece of mind in an otherwise uncertain economic environment: “Before I would be notified by email about any significant changes to my credit score, I felt completely blind. I wouldn’t know what my credit was doing so I would have to guess at the right times to make my inquires. But now, I know exactly when there are any changes to my credit because I’m notified by email. This allows me to go about my day with tremendous piece of mind.”

The automatic email notification system implemented by Free Annual Credit Report Online is yet another milestone for online credit checks. The website has been receiving an unprecedented amount of business since this new system was introduced, and the increase in traffic is expected to continue over the coming year. To get to-the-minute email notifications about your credit, visit: